Volume 28, Issue 6

The Brookfield Mens’ Club (BMC) will mark the 80th Anniversary since their founding in 1937 at the February meeting. As has been the tradition in the recent past, it will be a dinner meeting, with Club-men encouraged to invite their family members.  The program committee has engaged former Colchester Mayor Bob Taylor to speak about his book on the history and development of milk cartage in South Colchester throughout the 20th century. We hope all BMC-ers and their guests can attend – if you have not already, contact Mike @ 673-2769 with your RSVP and number of guests. The full-service, multi-course meal is priced very reasonably at $15/person. Note the special time and place – 6:30 PM on Monday, Feb. 20, at the All Around the Circle Senior’s lounge at the Sportsplex.

The Eagle did get his pre-playoffs Super Bowl prediction correct, though the New England Patriots looked done like dinner with about 20 minutes – even 5 minutes! – left on the game clock. A comeback for the ages; credit is due to the franchise which has achieved so much in a salary cap era, which makes sustained excellence so hard to attain, especially in the National Football League. Now if something could be done about their overly-entitled fan base, who may approach a certain NHL team’s for insufferability!

Brookfield Curling Club members lost loved ones – Sean Norwich’s Dad, Peter died in Truro; and Sherrill Burns of Kennetcook, a fixture at the club for 25 years, went to her reward. Her husband Leroy is a Past-President and highly-valued member of the BCC, and was recipient of last year’s Turk Henderson Memorial Award for contributions to the Great Community Curling Classic. Former Brookfielder William Sears, Jr. passed away at 66; he held his doctorate in Physics, and was a highly regarded professor and research scientist – he had been Physics Department Head at Lakehead University. He was a SCHS grad and former 569 Air Cadet Squardron Flight Sergeant. He leaves mother Fran and brother Brian, as well as his wife Susan, two children and grandchildren. Former resident Ira Fisher, Sr. died in Ontario, sons George, Ed, and Tim and daughter Dawn reside in the Truro – Stewiacke area. Former Sportsplex Board Chairman Dave Armsworthy’s father Paul of Onslow Mountain passed away after an illness – nice to see so many of Dave’s clan home from Alberta, and cheering Paul’s grand-daughter Dr. Karla’s fine shot-making at the BCC. Laurie “Robbie” Miller of Stewiacke East, a proud SCHS alumnus, former SCMHA president and long-time schoolteacher died – he was husband to Pat (Ross) Miller, who grew up on Densmore Drive. Wayne Johnson’s sister, Barb Mitchell formerly of Kemptown, passed away. Shirley MacKenzie-Campbell passed at Elk Court – she had been married to the late Ken Campbell; they resided at Shortt’s Lake. Brookfield Elks 1960s hockey star Ken Marchant’s brother-in-law, Ralph Fiske died; he was a former provincial cabinet minister in the 1970s Regan government. We extend condolences to all who mourn.

Congratulations to Jenny Blacklock and Michael Anderson of Bell  Road on the birth of their son, Keel Gabbani Anderson-Blacklock, a half-brother for Aitreya and Yemaya Pollock. Donalda (Dickie) and Jim Dickey’s son Angus, married Bear River native Morgan Selig in Banff. Ben Fraser, son of Scott and Heather (grandparents Wayne and Helen O’Neil) was named to the tournament All-Star team at the very prestigious Ice Jam tournament in Metro. This event featured the top 16 Major Bantom hockey teams in the Atlantic provinces! Maurice Crowell’s son Phil, a graduate of  BCC’s Junior program won his FOURTH Nova Scotia Mens Curling Championship with the Murphy rink of the Halifax CC, and will head to the Brier in St. Johns, Newfoundland. On the distaff side, Jill Alcoe-Holland, wife of Elks’ standout shortstop Doug Holland, realized her goal, playing second stone on the Mary Mattatall rink which won the provincial Ladies Championship. They will attend the National Scotties Tournament of Hearts in St. Catharines, Ontario next week! Best of luck to both these ardent sweepers! Stop in to the newly-relocated Jimolly’s Cafe at the end of Inglis Place to see the amazing renovations wrought by owners Heidi, Mitch and Kim Cooke, and enjoy their fine menu and pleasing environs.

Thanks so much to kind contributors Dennis and Carol (Dennis) Haverstock of Port Hawkesbury, former Club-man Jim (and Shirley) McNutt of Truro and Elaine (Ross) Healy from balmy (?!?) Wasaga Beach, Ontario for their generous support of the Eagle! The Brookfield Athletic Association wrapped up a successful 2016 at their annual General Meeting in January. They wish to extend thanks to the many volunteers who help with, and support their projects, that allow them to continue to sponsor recreational activities for all ages and both genders in the area. Their fund-raisers, notably the Whing Ding and Sports Draw/Big Game Hunt, but also the Golf Scramble (July 8 this year) and the hockey pools, were well supported, and continue to provide enjoyment to all involved. The executive of Mike Henderson, Julie Walters, Robert Putnam, and Pib Henderson were returned to office.

Chris Bernard had her second knee replacement in the past months – she expects to be fully able to defend her Brookfield Golf Club crown come spring. Youngster Meah (Brad, Megan) Sutherland is sporting a foot to hip cast, helping to repair her broken leg suffered on the ski hill. Tammy Sill broke her leg also. Velma Fisher was hospitalized for a few days. Don Hazelton was hospitalized for treatment of an embolism; Edith Watson and Ron Morrell also spent time in hospital. We wish all a speedy return to health.

It is nice to see Brian and Gwen (Cooke) Campbell (both are no strangers) back in Brookfield; they have built a lovely retirement home on Densmore Lane. Welcome back!

We get to see a lot of the Ottawa Senators NHL games on our TVs – they are always competitive, but sometimes struggle to score. Recently three Brookfielders were in attendance at their game versus Edmonton – dare we say had the small, but mighty trio of brothers-in-law – (Mitchell Cooke, Ryan Ellis, and Tyler Medaglia) been granted a tryout with the Sens, the ultra-speedy, rugged line would not have looked out of place?!? Later Mitch and wife Kim attended a trade show in Montreal and took in a Habs’ game. Keiver and Bev Read visited daughter Meghan in Calgary. Brian and Sherry Stewart enjoyed some beach time in Jamaica, while Ric, Wendy, Steve and Krista Locke, and Ardith Ross sunned on Florida’s Gulf coast. Larry and Susanne Harrison and Gerry and Sandra Brenton spent some quality time in Florida. Janet and Aubrey Armstrong vacationed in Cuba; Brian Clarke made separate trips there and to the Dominican Republic. Danique Henderson shot the photographic record of a wedding in Mexico. Peter Hazelton was home from the Oshawa area to assist parents Don and Doady. Harding Nelson and family were home to visit from Ottawa. Son David and daughter Nancy hosted a sizable throng for the 80th birthday celebration for their father, Club-Man and past Eagle Award recipient, Bob Lawrence.

Get your calendars ready – lots of upcoming events you need to record! In addition to the BMC Anniversary Dinner Meeting on Feb. 20 mentioned above, please note the Annual Ladies Night celebrations will be held on April 17 this year. In addition to the fine dining and hi-jinks, the Eagle Award will be presented that night to a deserving recipient, who has helped “make our community great”! Please send any nominations to Award committee Chairman Charlie Burnett at emailor 673-2302. Deadline for nominations is March 26. Also in April – the 22nd, to be specific, will be the second edition of the Youth Expo, hosted by the Women That Hunt. This event, which drew huge crowds last year, runs from 9 AM- 4 PM, and features amazing exhibits and demonstrations, copious door prizes, all while promoting activities related to the outdoors, fitness, art, nutrition, community programs, and overall better health and wellness. The theme is Expose – Educate – Inspire. For more info contact 902-986-7010 and go to www.theyouthexpo.com.

The Brookfield Curling Club has a couple of major events on tap – on Saturday March 11, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Bonspiel will fill the club with very colourful garb (and curlers). This event typically sells out, so register soon via Josh McCallum at 673-2141 or email. Many at the St. Patrick’s event, and several more will descend on the BCC from March 31- April 2 for the 28th Annual Great Community Curling Classic, a fun-filled, low cost event which brings curlers of all levels, from near and far together to wrap up the season. Contact Mike email, Lisa email or Pibby email for more info or to register a team or as an individual. The Chase the Ace contest continues on Thursday evenings at the curling club – the pot will be around $5000 this week! Drop in from 7-8:30, help support the Sportsplex, and maybe take home a bundle of cash!

The Brookfield Community Assembly, originated over 20 years ago to advocate with a variety of governments, and other groups on behalf of betterment of our community, has their Annual Meeting upcoming in late April. The BCA has led the charge for numerous improvements, upgrades, events, etc. since the mid-90s, but now needs some support by way of new volunteer blood. The BCA has several key community organizations appoint representatives – namely, the BAA, Home and School, Knox and Baptist churches, Fire and Emergency Services, the BMC, SCA student rep, and our county councilor. There also 7 elected members, with spots open to be filled at the AGM. If you wish to be a part of, or would just like more info, please contact Rod Nielsen 890-0714, or email  , Kathy Best (673-3350, email), or Geoff Stewart (673-3039 or email). Please give this serious consideration – the BCA has a vital role to play, and it is well worth supporting. The BCA is updating our community website www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca and would like all community groups that have a page on the site to provide updates and send to email or if you would like to be added to the site.

The All Around the Circle group hosts their monthly meeting on Tuesday February 21 – meal at noon! Price is $7.00 for members and $9.00 for non-members. We will be introducing the new Wii console and teaching folks how to play bowling, baseball, tennis and more. You will be able to use the Wii on Monday afternoons at our Drop In/Drop Off, 1 pm – 4 pm. Card games and cribbage ($2 fee) begin on Wednesday Evenings at 7:30.

There will be a public meeting regarding the sidewalk construction on Carter Road at the Brookfield Fire Hall on Wednesday, February 22nd from 6 – 8:00 pm. Concept drawings will be available for viewing. An Orientation session for anyone wishing to use the Fitness Center at SCA will be held there Wednesday, February 15, 7 P.M. There is no cost (!) to use the gym, but one must complete the 1 hour familiarization session, regardless of their level of experience with the equipment.

With so much fake or “alternate” news clogging social media, we can guarantee what you read in the Eagle is correct, at least more often than it is wrong (!). If you want your Eagle faster, plus saving the BMC postage, send your email address to email and we will send it to you immediately. Hard copies of the Eagle are still available at the retail outlets around “the corner” and at the Seniors ’apartments.

Hope to see you at the Anniversary dinner meeting February 20, 6:30 – remember to RSVP at once if you haven’t already!
The Eagle

Check our website for more community activities: http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca

Volume 28, Issue 5

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Brookfield Men’s Club, and its meandering scribe, the BMC Eagle! We hope all have a healthy, prosperous, and enjoyable 2017! In addition to one of our intrepid reporters puffing out 70 candles since the calendar rolled over, other notable birth anniversaries are on tap this annum. On July 1, Canada will celebrate 150 years of nationhood – certainly there were many Nova Scotians in the 1860s who were not sure of the efficacy of that choice, but likely more positives than negatives!?! The National Hockey League as we know it, and their premier franchise, the Toronto Maple Leafs(?!!?) both are celebrating their 100th seasons – the Leafs Stanley Cup drought will reach 50 years come the spring, but hopefully will not see 55?? And the venerable BMC was founded 80 years ago in 1937 to help in the betterment of the community – we hope it does not come across as boastful to say it has, and continues to fill that role well! The BMC will convene on Monday January 16 at the Fire Station at 7:30 PM – all are welcome (and encouraged!) to drop in on the group.

Despite the unfortunate cancellation of the various school Christmas concerts due to the regrettable work-to-rule action in the labour dispute between the government and Teacher’s union, there were still some outstanding productions in our area. The Baptist Church had three showings of a most impressive Christmas musical production, keyed by their musical director, Belinda Adshade. The 18th Annual Food For the Spirit Concert at Knox United, in support of the Colchester Food Bank, was again a major hit – the breadth of the talent was remarkable! Much thanks to organizer Leah Bowers, production assistants Glenda Isenor, Rod Nielsen, Keith Gale, musical Zeligs Joanne Hatfield, Tim Ross, and Keith Gale, and MCs Lisa Henderson and Joel Dawe, and obviously to all the very skillful performers, including James Hill and Anne Janelle! Long time BMC padre Reverend Frank Locke was feted at the Baptist Church for marking 65 years since his ordination in 1951. Frank has been minister emeritus at the BBC for the past 16 years, in addition to many other positions within the larger church family. Freda Sutherland, still sprightly at 95, had her birthday celebrations bolstered by a visit from grand-daughter Nicole, home from Alberta. Freda’s daughter Jane, who resides in Mexico in the winter months became engaged to Dale Oderkirk.
The Eagle extends heartfelt thanks to those who included some bird seed in their Christmas cards – thanks again to Ken and Sharon (Trenholm) Bird of

Thamesford, Ontario, and to Joyce and Sarah Geddes of Middle Stewiacke – the BMC and the Eagle appreciate your support!  An anonymous
donation was also received – the Eagle’s very keen eyesight discerned the residents of apartment #29 on Brandt Lane as our likely benefactor. Thank you!

Once again the BMC sponsored the Christmas Decorations contest – area residents responded in a big way, and our environs brought smiles to the faces of all who passed through (and to NS Power shareholders!). Some of the arcane categories of the past were eliminated, and six dwellings were cited as ‘best in show’ – in no particular order those cited and receiving a BMC prize were: Rob and Joelle Bezanson, Kevin and Rosalyn Clarke, Rick and Bev Hiltz, Brian and Sherry Stewart, Gerry and Marilyn Stewart, and Greg and Nancy VanTassell. Thanks to all for their efforts in beautifying, and bringing the seasonal spirit to the fore!

Jennifer Henderson and Costas Halavrezos became grand-parents when their son Al and Myriam Bergeron gave birth to a son, Louis Nicholas Halavrezos, in Montreal. Great-grandparents would be the late Turk and Vera (Retson) Henderson.
Nice to see the Sportsplex parking lot filled for the Phil Sears Memorial Friendship Hockey Tournament just before the new year. The South Colchester Minor Hockey Association has worked hard to re-invigorate this Holiday season tradition, and it seems to be paying off. Filling leadership roles this year were Heather Peterson, Kari Furmidge, and Patti Densmore – well done! While on the hockey front, we must point out that Alec MacDonald, grand-son of John and Sheila Clark, recently debuted with the Moncton Wildcats in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League – the very talented puckstopper has a bright future between the pipes! Another netman turning heads is Brent Walters (Glen, Susan) – the Truro Bearcats Midget AA star was recently named to the Canadian National Deaf Hockey Team, which will vie for the World Deaf Hockey Championship in Buffalo, N. Y. in April! Other Brookfield lads playing well at high levels include Calem McAndrew (Julienne Taylor, Shaun) and Ben Fraser (Scott, Heather), both playing big roles with the Truro Major Bantam Bearcats, and Rowan Sears (Andrew, Jill) with the Pictou County Major Midget Weeks team; both teams play in province-wide leagues at the top of their age classes.
Condolences are offered to Lee Thompson, whose mother, Muriel passed away in Bible Hill, and to former Sportsplex Board Chairman Leo Rovers, whose wife Mary died in Stewiacke East. Mary was a former member of the Brookfield Golf Club, and leaves sons Chris and Adrian, and daughters Leona and Lori. Caitlin Yorke died; she was a daughter to Chrissie, and a grand-daughter to Helen (Sharpe) Morrell and former BMC-er Jim Yorke Sr.  Bev Peterson’s mother, Hazel Wilband died, as did Dave Whidden’s sister, Shelia Gilbert in Windsor. Warrant Officer (Retired) Doug Connors of Brentwood died, as did Kyle Porter in Truro – he was a step-grandson to Sterling Delaney. Beth McDade of Truro passed; she taught English at Brookfield Rural High School in the 1950s. Avard MacPhee’s dad, Mel, passed away in Shubenacadie, and Kenneth Graham, brother-in-law to Rhonda (Dewar) Graham died in Upper Stewiacke. Laurie Fulton of Truro and summer resident of Shortts Lake’s Cottage Lane died – his daughter is local resident, Heather Fulton.
Emma Stevens, a South Colchester Academy grad, will make her Federation of International Skiing World Cup debut in early February in Quebec City. The energetic Emma is an Aerials specialist in the heart- palpitating arena of freestyle skiing! Some have come down with motion sickness just watching her compete! Ian Trefry received his CPA designation.  Geoff Stewart was elected Vice-President for the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities. Congratulations to long-time Brookfield Elementary School teacher Lisa MacQuarrie – she wed fellow educator (and former top-notch hockey and lacrosse goalie) Dave Brown at a New Year’s Eve ceremony. Earlier Joseph Leck (Bruce, Janice) exchanged vows with Janice Cameron, like her eponymous mother-in-law, the newest Mrs. Leck is a teacher, she at Hants East RH. Joe has returned to operate the family dairy farm high on the hill at the northern entrance to Brookfield. Hopefully he will soon return to the Brookfield Curling Club, where he is popular as a player and a valued instructor! Best wishes to both couples! We are happy to report that Brian MacDonald (Audrey, late Danny) is recovering nicely at his home in Windsor after double bypass heart surgery – back on the bike soon, Willis! Young Tristen Sutherland (Brad, Megan) broke his arm in a fall.
Mark Kennedy and Laura Grinton had a memorable Christmas weekend trip to Pittsburgh; not one, but two Overtime games, as Sid Crosby’s Penguins down the Habs in extra time, then they watched the hometown Steelers eke by the Cleveland Browns in an NFL tilt! Zoe Barbour visited daughter Mandy and family in British Columbia. Also in BC, were Terry Canning and Krista McMullin who spent Christmas with daughters Janelle and Joanna and families. Jill Dean was home from Edmonton to Dan and Kathy. BMC Past President Austin and Debbie Ross motored to Auburn, Maine to spend the holidays with her daughter, Amanda. Dave and Anitra Whidden visited daughter Kim’s family in Newfoundland. Cassandra Sears and Tanner Gayton enjoyed Christmas in Mexico. Club-man Jim Feener and his wife Marlene spent the Holidays with daughters Adinda and Shelley and their families in Ontario. Susan MacDonald visited her daughter Michelle in Toronto. Marian McDonald also went to Ontario to visit sons Greg and Bert and families; along the way she picked up Alexandria Conevski, who is on scholarship at McGill U in Montreal!! Coming in the opposite direction were Jay, Sherry, Charlotte, and Emily Ovsenny, home to Betty Roop’s; Duncan Retson and Andrea Budgell at Gene and Marion’s. Mac Campbell came from Ottawa to Paul’s; and Carl Sutherland was home from Alberta to see his mother, Freda. Tim Watson came from Ontario, and Megan Isenor from Saskatchewan. Jill Dean was home from Edmonton to Dan and Kathy’s, and her cousin Zach (& Leeann) also were home briefly. Andre Garneau, Krysten Stewart and their two kids visited her mother, Patty. Heather and Greg Loewen and kids were home from Maine at her parents, Herb and Betty MacFarlane’s.  Peter, Katie, and young Abe Kennedy were home with Larry and Lynne from Edina, Minnesota. Katie was surprised to learn her town’s acronym was known in the far east of Canada!
A combined church service will be held at
Knox United on Sunday January 15 at 10:30 AM. This will be Rev. Keith Gale’s final service at the Brookfield Pastoral Charge. Sadly for his congregants, the effusive and inimitable Gale and his family are headed to CFB Gagetown, where Keith will begin his new career as a military chaplain. Keith has been a very energetic presence in the charge, enlivening church services, community gatherings, and the community’s youth with his musical and spiritual offerings – he will be sorely missed.
The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior League have returned to the ice – they are enmeshed in a tight battle for a playoff spot.
Home games are Thursday nights (7:30) at the Sportsplex – come and cheer for the red and gold! The Chase the Ace pot will be worth about $4500 this Thursday – stop at the Sportsplex to take a crack at it, and support your facility. Draw is at 8:30, and it costs as little as $1 to play. If you were otherwise occupied in the fall, and are now looking for a healthy, fun activity, the Brookfield Curling Club awaits – there are a number of bonspiels you can take part in over the next several weeks, including the Mayor’s Challenge in is February 4, the St. Patrick’s Day event, and the grand-daddy of them all, the 28th Great Community Curling Classic on April 1-2 – enter as an individual or as part of a team to any of these. If you hurry, you may still be able to register for the day-long ukulele clinic and concert, featuring James Hill, Chalmers and Suzanne Doane, and other gifted instructors. It goes Saturday January 21 at the Marigold Cultural Centre – contact the Marigold to register.
Does the chance of being able to
walk indoors during the winter months interest you? If the possibility of being able to stroll the climate-controlled atrium at South Colchester Academy sounds enticing, we want to hear from you. There are logistics to be worked out, but if they can be answered, public access may be possible from 1:30 – 3:30 on Sunday afternoons. Please add your name to contact sheets that will be posted at both churches, the entrances to Senior’s apartments, at Pharmasave and Brookfield Bakery. There is no commitment, and nobody will contact you; this is simply to gauge if enough interest to take further steps. Sheets will be until January 25.

Super Bowl LI kicks off in early February – hard to bet against the Patriots, but if looking for a dark-horse, maybe the Steelers??
See you at the BMC gathering on January 16!

The Eagle

December 2016
Volume 28, Issue 4

We live in confusing times. One of the Eagle’s functions is to let our readers know what events are upcoming in our burg; with the inane hair-pulling contest the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the provincial government are engaged in, our job of promoting school concerts and activities is left in a muddle. Hopefully a cost-effective solution is soon reached, and some sense of normalcy returns. Despite that buzzkill, we wish all our readers a delightful holiday season, and a Happy New Year!!
What we can count on is a roaring good time at the Brookfield Mens Club’s Christmas party/meeting to be held on Monday, December 19, 7:30 PM at the fire station. You are welcome to come and enjoy the manic games, directed as only John Matheson can, a sumptuous lunch, and a gift exchange – members are reminded to bring a gift, and a contribution to the Food Bank, if desired. The BMC would like to spearhead a project in 2017 to help mark Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation; if you have an idea, please pass along to a BMC member. The BMC will again sponsor the Christmas Decorations Contest – judging will be done on Friday, December 23, from 6-10 PM, so have your lights on. The men have had their tree and giant star blazing at the corner for 3 weeks now; thanks to Lila (Ross) MacPhee for the electrical connection! Thanks also to our most loyal and generous reader genial Bill Kennedy who made a significant donation.

Congratulations to longtime residents Lawrence and Shirley Wynn, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on December 1, amid friends and family. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival home of daughter Cheryl and her husband, Stacy Winship, from Langley, B.C. for the holiday season. Hazel Kennedy celebrated her 90th birthday with friends and family; and Merle Nelson (Donna Matheson’s mother) extinguished 108 candles in late November. A big Thank you to all who helped make the Annual House Tours such a hit, both for our residents, and the large number of visitors it brings to our village. In addition to the organizers, the food and craft preparers and servers, the drivers, and all who volunteer their time, we must make special mention of those who decorate and open their homes and/or places of business. The Forest Glen Greenhouses were spectacular as always, with their display of tens of thousands of poinsettias, and thirty marvelously decorated trees. The homes of Marian McDonald, Calder and Donna Creelman, Mary Tyler, and Keith and Tabatha Gale, as well as the Train Station and Knox Church, delighted visitors. Many businesses, organizations, and individuals brought stockings overflowing with gifts, clothing, toys, food, and money for the Christmas Index Program. This has long been an essential part of the House Tours, as has been the well decorated trees by many groups which festooned Knox Hall. Kathy Best did a fine job coordinating the various craft sale vendors. A delicious pork tenderloin supper with all the fixings sated 100 customers on both Friday and Saturday as well!

The Brookfield Athletic Association’s (BAA) Sportsmen’s Contest wrapped up with the conclusion of hunting season – the Grand Prize winners were announced in the November Eagle, and like all info, can be found online at brookfieldathleticassociation.ca. The Heaviest Buck checked in at 246.5 pounds, harvested by Brennan Turple, while the heaviest doe weighed 157 (Joe Arnold). Heaviest bagged by Ladies were – Buck – Sharleen Martell’s 178 pounder, and doe went to Marie Marchand at 144. The Bowhunter prizes went to Don Mattinson (buck, 195), and Leeman Metham (doe, 141). The prizes for biggest rack were as follows: Longest antler (27.5 inches, and Widest spread, 28.5 inches, both on a beauty bagged by Stephen Doyle, while Terry Leslie had the Most Points with 18.  Thanks to all who supported and participated, with a special acknowledgement to Roop’s Esso, for providing a central weighing station, accessible to competitors 7 days a week, for almost 3 months, and to coordinator Robert Putnam and his volunteer crew of weighers!

There was a huge turnout for the funeral service of long-time resident Kea Benvie. She and husband Grant raised six fine children on Elm Street, and are succeeded by twelve grand-children, and thirteen great-grand-children. She also leaves behind eight Graham siblings, including Bev Sears. Mary Matwichuk, mother to Kathy (Jim) Benvie, passed away in Alberta. The BMC said adieu to a much-loved former member with the passing of Truro of John Hiltz, formerly of Shortts Lake. The genial “commodore of the lake” had an ever-present grin! Another Shortts Lake resident passed – Marie Aitken companion to Ed MacDonald. Ray West died in Middleton; he was a teacher here in the very early days of Brookfield Rural High School. Annie Archibald’s sister, Jessie Williams died in Great Village. Frankie Conrad died in Truro; he was a brother to locals Bernie, Erma, Heloise, and Debbie. At Elk Court, Arthur Fields, Donnie’s brother passed, as did Milford’s George Lacey. Ricky Lindsay’s brother, Randy, died in North River. A very popular former member of the Brookfield Golf Club, John McMullen of Milford died -his grandson Colby is an accomplished minor hockey player here. Wanda Burgess, mother to former Junior Elks hockey coach Danny, died in Tantallon. Heather (Monk) Sawlor, a very talented softball player with the Elkettes some 45 years ago, passed away. We extend condolences to those who lost loved ones.

Congratulations to the South Colchester Academy Senior Boys volleyball team, who won the Bronze medal at the D3 provincial high school championships in Terre Noire, Inverness County. Coach Paul Tufts did a terrific job with the team – Johnathan Kaye, Luke Fisher, Mehmet Goksen, Connor McKay, Niklas Roker, Riley MacLeod, Santaigo Vasquez, Alex Tremeer, Tyler Hoare, Colton Graham, and Adrian Sheppard. The Senior Girls Wolves hosted the O2 Provincials here – their 1-3 record placed them 6th in an 8 team field. SCA were terrific hosts, and visiting schools stretching from Port Hawkesbury to Clare were effusive in their praise of the facility and organization, headed by SCA Athletic Director/Vice Principal Jody Miller. Graduating seniors wrapping up their careers for the Aschaelle Terrio – coached Wolves were Olivia Hernden, Hannah Fisher, and Jessica McClellan. Myrna and Gordon Matheson’s grand-daughter, Katya Vydyhan (mother Pam), played for Ecole Sommet in the tourney. Speaking of great athletes, nice to see Luke MacMillan (Ed, Wilma) of Shortts Lake playing well for the Truro Junior A Hockey Bearcats! Luke is also an outstanding soccer player for SCA, and a wonderful young man.  A Brookfield team, made up primarily of Cruise Missiles captured the Keith Jordan Memorial Hockey Tournament in Sherbrooke, with a 6-2 win over the defending champion from Cheticamp. Squad members, mostly all former Elks, were: Charlie Fleming, Patrick Stewart, Lee Nelson, Jack Roop, Robbie Cooke, Brookes VanTassell, Jamie Works, Cory Lester, Tyler Medaglia, Troy and Cory Sutherland, Connor and Cole Baker.

Krista McMullin jetted to Yellowknife to visit daughter Janelle, Phil and granddaughter, Addie. Mike and Dane Henderson went to visit their Mason cousins in Grand Island and Rochester, New York; while there they saw the Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres tangle, followed by a chilly NFL game between the Steelers and hometown Bills. Jenna Searle travelled to Vancouver, and Stacey Harrison visited Gotham City. Lisa Henderson visited her siblings, nieces and nephews – Robert and offspring in Winnepeg, and Julie, Jack and kids in Vancouver. Charlie and Janet Burnett, went to see her brother in Ottawa and checked out New Hampshire along the way. Lori Nielsen and sister-in-law Shelley Fisher took a quick trip to Arizona to see Shelley’s daughter-in-law compete the Iron Man Race. Jamie Works and Mary Atkinson went to Mexico; Dave and Anitra Whidden went to Newfoundland – the opposite direction in many ways.

Hazel Locke had a knee replacement surgery; hopefully dancing soon!? Great to have James Hill and Anne Janelle and son Alder home after an extended tour through Great Britain. Lauren Howard and daughter McKenzie and son T.J. were home from Springfield, PEI visiting with Sid and Margie Johnson. Add a couple of more descendants to the lineage of the late Rex and Ida Cooke. Grand-daughter Danica and hubby Ryan Ellis were blessed with a son, Eli James – Grand-daughter Lyndin Stewart and Jason Wallace welcomed baby Zoe Isabel Helen Stewart. She makes five female grand-daughters for Dan and Lexie Stewart, somewhat resembling Dan’s family where he is the only son, and has seven younger sisters.

The much-anticipated Food For the Spirit Christmas concert will be held on Sunday December 18 at 7 PM at Knox Church – come and hear some fantastic musical talent, and bring along something for the Food Bank. Knox Church will roll out another Heart to Home dinner on Friday December 16 – contact Pat McCallum – 673-2853 for more information. Chase the Ace continues on Thursday evenings – you can buy tickets either upstairs in the comfort of the Curling lounge, or while cheering on the Junior Elks in the Sportsplex. The Draw is done at 8:30, and the pot will be about $3000. South Colchester Minor Hockey Association (SCMHA) will be hosting a Family Skate at the Sportsplex on December 31, 3-5 PM; admission is a donation to SCMHA. At that time they will draw the winners of their fund-raising contest – first prize is $5000, second is $3000, and third is $1000. Tickets are available for $5 from and SCMH player, and at retail outlets in the village. We certainly hope the labour disruption does not mean the Christmas concerts slated at SCA and Brookfield Elementary are sacrificed. SCA’s concert is set for December 14; while the BES children hopefully will display their talents on December 19 – both afternoon and evening shows will be at the SCA cafetorium.

If you wish to be looking to shed some avoirdupois in the New Year, we have news for you! The Fitness Centre at South Colchester Academy is open free of charge to the adult public, thanks to the efforts of SCA administration, the School Advisory Council, CCRSB, the county of Colchester and the BAA. The gym is open from 5:30 – 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday; the only pre-requisite is that users must attend an orientation session – the county typically schedules these monthly – contact their Recreation/Leisure Services department (897-3155) for date of the next session. The Project Hope group, involving citizens from Shortts Lake, Middle and Upper Stewiacke, and the greater Brookfield area, is revving the engines to help bring the son and daughter-in-law of Khalid and Maha Al-Awar to our communities. The committee’s work to date in bringing the Al Husein and Al Awar families here, and away from war-torn Syria has been terrific. Rami and Ghudir Al Awar are expecting their first child in the spring; what a gift it will be to the child to be safely settled in our great country! Contact Jodie at 673-2249 for more info on how you can assist.

We hope you join us at the BMC Christmas meeting /party on the 19th!   Merry Christmas to all!!!   

The Eagle


Eagle newletter Nov 2016

Volume 28, Issue 3

The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) has been busy in their first two months of their 80th year of existence. The BMC provided a forum for Colchester’s two mayoral candidates, Christine Blair and incumbent Bob Taylor, to expound on their views for the county’s future direction. They answered several questions from the assembled; Ms. Blair is now our new mayor. The October meeting saw representatives from Alta Gas discuss the status of the natural gas storage cavern project. The BMCers provided a community street patrol on Halloween – we are happy to report that vandalism was effectively non-existent and large hordes of children enjoyed trick-or-treating in some fantastic costumes! The men spent a Saturday morning doing their bi-annual clean-up of Whidden Road and the southern part of Carter Road, as part of the Adopt-a-Highway they have taken on. The BMC, under Bob Lawrence’s capable guidance, co-ordinated a wonderful Remembrance Day ceremony at the Veterans’ Memorial. Padres Eric MacKinnon and Keith Gale led the service.

The November BMC meeting will be hosted by, and have a program presented by the Brookfield Fire and Emergency Service. The BFES annually do this as a thank you to the BMC for the important role they played in helping to get a fire department established in the village immediately after World War II. All are welcome to attend on Monday, November 21; 7:30 PM at the fire station.
We were delighted to hear from the mayor that the Carter Road sidewalk project, originally pushed by the Brookfield Community Assembly (BCA) some 6-7 years ago, is proceeding. Survey work has been completed, and engineering will now take place, with expected completion in the spring-summer of 2017 – note to the county – please schedule the work so it is either completed before Coming Home to Brookfield ceremonies (July 22-30), or started after those dates! Re-acclaimed councilor Geoff Stewart was quick to point out that the cost of the sidewalk running from 289 to the Sportsplex, will be fully covered by the existing sidewalk area rate, and would not involve an additional levy. There were some doubters when the BCA pushed for the 289 sidewalk – very, very few would dispute now that that has been a wonderful addition to the street-scape appearance AND safety for all. Also next year, the sidewalk on the south side of Hwy. 289, from the Post Office to the railway tracks will be replaced. While we are tipping our wings – big thank you to those who made contributions to the Eagle’s cause – donations were gratefully received from Arlene Fisher and Shirley (Sutherland) Locke. Milestone birthdays were celebrated with family and friends by Muriel (Carter) Smith (80) and Irene (Lindsay) Stuart (75).
South Colchester Academy (SCA) staff, students, and some community members were distraught at the passing of the very popular Angus Paul, 17. He was a very cheerful lad, with a permanent smile; who was deeply involved in athletics and school spirit. His untimely passing was caused by an unforeseen reaction to a medication – he will be missed; a bursary is being established. Former SCHS grad Jody (Cook) Lefave, 39, passed away in New Germany, after a lengthy bout with cancer. Jody was a successful participant in numerous national-level pageants, and lent her singing skills to Lotta-Truck shows. Condolences to her parents, John and Joslyn Cook of Middle Stewiacke, and sister Jennifer White, as well as to her family in Lunenburg County. Helen Bogle died in Stewiacke; she was a sister to Donnie and Rollie Stevens. Frank MacDonald, 84, the dean of radio announcers after a storied career at CKCL, passed away in Truro – Frank was a legendary supporter of Brookfield, using the air waves to promote the building of the Sportsplex, the Whing Ding and the Big Game Hunt, and to extol the exploits of Elks teams. Who can forget the radio reporting he did from the Elks trip to the National Championships in Hull in 1977! Barry Daniels, 63, formerly a very familiar sight at the Brookfield Golf Club, passed away in Elmsdale. Hilda Ray of Lattie’s Brook passed – she was grandmother to Joy (Mrs. Tim) Wynn. Doug Zachariah, formerly of Brentwood, died in Whitecourt, Alberta. Annie Woodworth’s brother-in-law Ralph Woodworth died in Carroll’s Corner. Fred Hatfield’s sister, Charlotte Frank passed away, as did Lila (Ross) MacPhee’s brother, Harry Etheridge. Condolences are extended to all whom lost loved ones.

Charles Bowers spent several weeks in The Bahamas, helping restore the islands’ electrical infrastructure after Hurricane Matthew swept through. Charlie and Janet Burnett, and Larry and Susanne Harrison were able to enjoy the sun more than Charles – they cruised the Mediterranean. Luther and Joyce Sears preferred to always be able to see land from their vessel – they made an idyllic river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, through the heart of Europe. Brookfield Golf Club champions Mike Penny and Mike Henderson winged to Napa, California hoping to see Penny’s favourite, Tiger Woods make his return to competitive golf at the PGA’s Safeway Open-to MP’s displeasure, the striped one deemed his game “too vulnerable”, and made a late withdrawl! Susan and Lyle Carter went to Calgary to spend some treasured time with sons Rob, James, daughter-in-law Laura, and their girls. Linda Ross also went to Wild Rose Country to visit her daughter Melanie and family. Terry Canning trekked to Yellowknife to babysit, his granddaughter. Audrey MacDonald and her sister Margaret went to the border town of Fort Erie, Ontario to visit her son Gordie, Denise and family. Jack and Leah Roop attended a Tim Horton’s convention in Orlando. Ryan (Kevin, Melissa) and Jane (Mark, Kelly Fleming) MacKenzie have returned home from Alberta. Jim and Marlene Feener’s daughter Adinda, and grand-daughters Diane and Ariana Kunder visited, from London, Ontario. Adam Deyarmond dropped in at Barry and Lynda’s from Alberta. Adam Burrows and son were home from the west at Graham and Elizabeth’s.
Shortt’s Lake resident, and purveyor of fine automobiles Duane Rath made an epic trip to Tanzania and Kenya, where he and some friends made a seven day hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Dark Continent’s highest point stands a staggering 19,341 feet above sea level-what an accomplishment by Duane! Mitchell Cooke continues to be lauded for his aggressive entrepreneurship, most lately by the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce with their Excellence in Community Development Award. This recognized his role in organizing the Motocross Nationals Event at the Brookfield Track this past July, which saw the international spotlight shine on our community. He has purchased and renovated the large buildings at the corner of Inglis Place and the Esplanade, and moved his thriving HAF Skate & Tattoo Shop there. The renos are stunning, and the merchandise displays are amazing – stop in for many Christmas (and other) gift ideas. Mitch and sister Heidi will be re-locating their very popular cafe “Jimollys” to the building also – expected opening of the new and improved Jimollys is early 2017. Another Brookfield-bred business success story is Matt Stewart’s (Geoff, Joanne) Sydney-based Click2Order. His software company has developed an app that integrates with restaurants’ FaceBook pages, allowing customers to view a menu, place an order, and pay for it, all on a single site. Click2Order recently signed a deal with a Toronto-based company whose clients have 1000 restaurant outlets!
The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League are finding their groove – four consecutive exciting wins over Antigonish (in overtime), Cumberland, East Hants, and in Pictou have their supporters buzzing – home games are Thursday nights, 7:30, at the Sportsplex – make a point to attend; you can also help support the club and the Sportsplex by participating in Chase the Ace, without leaving your seat! SCA senior Boys volleyball team, under well-regarded coach, Paul Tufts, won the Middleton Invitational tournament; the Aschaelle Terrio – led SCA senior girls won the Hants East tournament. The boys will host the Northumberland Regionals on November 18, and then the girls will host the Provincial Championships at SCA on December 2 -3 – make a point to stop in at SCA to see some great talent!  SCA Athletes for the month of September were soccer players Eric Fields and Mia Perry (Junior) and Arin Mizrak and Alysha MacSwain (Seniors); and in October were cross-country runners Jack Lewis and Lucy Edelstone (Junior) and Colton Cleveland and Kali Bruce (Seniors). Drama 11 students attended “The Color of Courage” at Alderney Landing theatre in Dartmouth – the play was inspired by the true accounts in the diary of William White, a chaplain for the first black battalion formed during World War I. The students were able to meet the actors after the show.   Alex Jewers (Donna, late Doug) finished in the top 10 of the Atlantic Golf Professionals Order of Merit for 2016. Former BJHS student Brian Affleck, now of Pictou County, was second, behind only Hall of Famer, Kevin Dugas. Speaking of Hall of Famers, Tracey Cameron, originally from Urbania, and now living in River John, was inducted into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame recognizing her outstanding rowing career which saw her win medals at the Olympics and the World Championships! Tracey is a niece to Don and Shanda Cameron of Cottage. Annie Woodworth, Elkettes slugging outfielder, was inducted into the East Hants Sport Hall of Fame. Former Shortts Lake resident Dr. Margaret Mitchell went into the Truro Hall of Fame, thanks to her exceptional running career. SCA Cross-Country runners, under Coach Leah Roop, made strong showings at the NSAAF provincials in Yarmouth – Kali Bruce was 21st, and Shane Stoodley and Colton Cleveland both had top 40 finishes. After much, much effort from the School Advisory Council and Principal Marilyn Bruce the School Board painted some of the front faces at SCA – this has been pushed for some years, as the original job appears very meh. Incredibly, the Board provided the labour, but the school paid for the paint!
Krysten Stewart and Andre Garneau, celebrated the birth of a son in suburban Quebec City.  Gavin is a grand-son for Patty Stewart, and great-grandson for Billy Stewart and Shirley Comeau. Patty, Rob Smith, and great-uncle Glen Stewart motored to La Belle Province to see the babe. The minister doing the wedding ceremony for Matthew Bates and Alisha Taylor had to look way up – the very tall, handsome couple exchanged vows in October.

The Brookfield Athletic Association (BAA) had the draw for the Grand Prizes on Cat Country radio. Grand Prize winners were:  2016 Jeep Wrangler – Nadine Cooley, Plymouth; Truro Atlantic Superstore $5,000 worth of Gift Cards – Jamie DeCoste, Havre Boucher; Shooting Package for 12 at Hnatiuk’s  – Laura Crouse, Earltown; Snowblower or $1000  – David Bartlett, Kennetcook;  Custom Elks Fire Pit – Luke Waybret, Cape Sable Island;  80th Anniversary Diamond pendant  – David Pendergast – Goffs. The salesperson winner was Frank Purdy. Prizes in the various deer hunting categories are ongoing (heaviest buck to date is 245 lbs; doe is 157 lbs., and will be announced in the December edition. The BAA is most appreciative and thankful to all who purchased and sold tickets, to the prize vendors for their assistance, to those who weighed deer, especially Anthony Rae, and to our volunteers who folded, delivered, and collected tickets. Special mention to Truro Canadian Tire and Superstore, both of whom collaborated with the BAA for on-site sales – the BAA returned proceeds to those two businesses for their charitable efforts including JumpStart for kids sports. The Sports Draw is the BAA’s primary fund-raiser; thanks to Co-Chairs Hugh Matheson and Robert Putnam for a terrific job; it was so vital to revive it to allow the BAA to continue its programs. Two sentences I never expected to see in print – Donald Trump is the new President-elect of the USA, and the Chicago Cubs win the World Series! The latter was widely predicted, but still has been 108 years coming – may be hope for the Leafs yet!?! Steve Locke is happy and somewhere Turk Henderson is grinning!
Gordie Frank and Jean Hamilton were hospitalized. Jen MacKenzie, Kirby’s wife, suffered a broken leg. Two weeks after an amazing performance at the HAF-sponsored “Shred-Fest”, Kyle Henderson broke his wrist after a tumble from his board

The much-anticipated Christmas House Tours will take place on November 25 – 26, 6-9 PM.; plan now to attend. Stops this year include Calder and Donna Creelman’s, Keith and Tabatha Blaney-Gale’s, Marian McDonald’s, Mary Tyler’s, as well as the Train Station and Knox United Church. The Reclaimed Cottage and Tonya’s Hair 66 also welcome visitors. Free chauffeur service is provided at Knox Church. The Forest Glen Greenhouses will also be part of the Tours – note those are afternoon only visits (1:30-4:30). Tickets are available at Pharmasave, by calling Betty Dickie (673-2582), or on the Tour. There will be a Craft Sale and Refreshments at the church both nights, 7:30-9:30. A pork tenderloin dinner will be held at Knox both Friday and Saturday at 4:30 – seats are limited, call Muriel Smith (673-2333) for tickets ($10 adults, $5 children).  The Knox-sponsored Heart-to-Home monthly dinners commence on November 18 and December 16 – call 673-3363 if you want more info/to be involved. The Food for the Spirit Concert, in support of the Colchester Food Bank, will be held on Sunday December 18 at 7 pm at Knox United – this is annually a terrific display of talent! The Brookfield Baptist Church “Ladies Double Trio” will present an evening of Christmas music on Saturday December 3, 7:30 PM – freewill offering. All Around the Circle Seniors Club will hold their monthly luncheon and meeting on Tuesday, November 15 – doors at the Sportsplex open at 11:30, meal at 12. Brookfield Elementary School is moving their Christmas Concert to SCA to accommodate the crowds – showings afternoon and evening of December 19. SCA Holiday Concert is Wednesday December 14, 7 PM in the cafetorium.  The SCA Book Fair runs from November 21 – 25; and the Grad Auction is the evening of November 22 – stop at the school to get some fantastic buys! Remember to join the fun at Chase the Ace in BOTH the Curling Club area AND the Elks home games on Thursday nights – draw done at 8:30. Expected pot this week in excess of $1500. The weekly BAA – NHL pools cost only $2 – they are available at Roop’s Esso and online – enjoy besting your friends in picking the winning teams! See you at the BMC on November 21!


Oct 2016 Newsletter

October 2016
Volume 28, Issue 2
The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) opened their 80th season in September; there was a good turn-out to hear guests Colchester mayoral candidates Christine Blair and Bob Taylor express their visions and desires re leading the county after the Municipal elections on October 15. After the politicos were done, the business meeting, lunch, and good humour followed. The next meeting is Monday October 17, 7:30 PM, at the Fire Station – hope to see you there.
Big thank – yous are extended to many, who again demonstrated why our community punches above its weight. The Terry Fox Run featured over 200 participants and volunteers, at the run at Carter Falls, and the Bar-B-Q at the Sportsplex, where Cherry Lane shared their wonderful musical talent. They were assisted by special vocal talents Josh Cochrane (grandparents Bill, Bonnie), and Colombian/SCA exchange student Santiago Osorio Vasquez. The Terry Fox Committee raised in excess of $31,000 this year for cancer research! Wayne Woolfitt exceeded the $50,000 mark in lifetime pledges – he is hanging up his sneakers on a very high note after receiving a plaque from the Committee. Dan and Kathy Dean are hosting international student Vasquez, as well as Yuki Onoda of Japan; Don and Shanda Cameron of Shortts Lake have Hannah Betzler of Germany and Derin Cakir from Turkey (the latter showing promise for the Wolves female volleyball squad!) with them. Thanks also to the volunteers from the Terry Fox Run Committee, the BMC, and others, as well as South Colchester Academy students and staff, led by Kelly Spencer, all of whom combined to provide a very special welcome to the Kids Ride for Cancer that stopped at Ed Creelman Park. The cyclists and their support staff were overwhelmed by the Welkcome they received in Brookfield.
The BMC want to thank again the Forest Glen Greenhouses (proprietors, the Thompson family) for their donation of flowers that so beautified the park this year – truly FGG is a very community-minded operation! They will again be featured during the House Tours. Speaking of cyclists, what more can be said about Chris MacDougall’s epic trip on a bike from Vancouver to St. Johns – the sojourn took over two months, and raised in excess of $200,000 for the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute, who named Chris an Honourary Member of the institute. A tip of the hat goes also to the organizers and supporters at Brookfield Elementary School’s Fun Fair, which attracted a very large crowd. The local Dr. Annie Hamilton chapter of the I.O.D.E. hosted the Northern Nova Scotia Area conference. Guest speaker was Janet Maybee on her award-winning-book on the Halifax Explosion. One of the New Glasgow attendees is the grand-daughter of former Brookfielder Jimmie Lockhart and would visit here from Merigomish at Christmas time, to the farm at the end of what-is-now Crystal Lake Drive. Her brother is Leonard MacNeil, and he is father to Karen (Mrs. Chris) MacDougall and cousin to the late Harold Ellis. He shared the times that relatives Percy and Irene Lockhart who lived on the current site of Tyler Medaglia/Heidi Cooke house, always were the last to arrive at the family gathering, despite living less than 3 miles away!
Scott Glinz and Shanda Cox became husband and wife in a very nice ceremony beside the Little River, while Dane Henderson and Danique Rowsell exchanged vows and rings on the shore of a mist-enshrouded Shortt’s Lake in a sunrise service. Best wishes to both happy couples. Scott’s sisters Elizabeth and Sarah, and uncle Robbie were back in Brookfield for the nuptials. Danique’s parents Hardy and Yasmine came from Middleton for her wedding, then left for a two year job posting in Germany. Stan Wood won the Match Play Championship at the Brookfield Golf Club, and Darren Peterson recorded a Hole-in-one there. Dr. Frank Schenkels, a former soccer coach at SCA, was named the Bovine Practitioner of the Year by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners at a ceremony in North Carolina. Frank is a highly regard veterinarian, and has always been at the forefront of practices to improve the health of dairy cattle. Frank and Luanne (who coaches volleyball at SCA and at the Club level) and children recently moved from Fort Ellis to Shortts Lake. Erica Sullivan (Eric, Stacey, grandparents Jim, Donna Sutherland) won first in her 4-H confirmation showing her ewe at the Pro Show, a very prestigious placing. Letha Mowatt became a great-grandmother when Yan’s son Zack Palmer and Bobbie Deuville had a baby boy, Cayden.
Joy Wasson, daughter of Betty Carter and sister to twin Janet, Irene, Lenny and Dawn, passed away – at 62, a very sad development. We are also sad to report on the passing, after a long bout with illness, of former Carter Road resident, Kelly O’Neill of Upper Stewiacke. Her beautiful daughters Kayla and Carley are known to many from their very pleasant demeanour at the Brookfield Bakery / Hurricane Heidi’s. Dennis Wright, known to many for his alter ego, McGruff, the Crime Dog, passed away – he was the spouse of Alena Wasson. Debbie Crowe’s father, Guy McNutt, died in Truro – he was also grandfather to Catelyn Stewart’s hubby, Kenton McNutt, Jr., as did Effie Graham – she was the late Lawson Joudrey’s daughter. Judy Tomlinson of Brentwood, wife to Laurie, and mother to Janet, passed away. Our condolences are extended to all who lost loved ones.

Wilma Avila was home from California visiting with her sister Edna Graham and other family members. Larry and Mark Kennedy timed their visit to son/brother Peter’s Minneapolis home ideally – they took in the exciting Ryder Cup action at nearby Hazeltine Golf Club. Daughter/sister Jill Kennedy went to Switzerland and Dawn Carter-Henderson went to Alberta. Jim and Marlene Feener, were joined by Daisy Hingley on a trip to Newfoundland. Dane Henderson made a couple of trips to Windsor Salt’s North American headquarters in Chicago. Former Brookfield Rural High School chums hit the road – leaving our fair burg were Shirley (Ross) Comeau and Judy ( Henderson) Matheson (Thelma and Louise ??!!?); they picked up Aerolynn ( Stevenson) Greene in Riverview, N.B., and met Shirley’s sister Elaine (Ross) Healey at Riviere du Loup, then toured the Charlevoix. Patrick Hazelton (Jeff, Janet, grandparents Don, Doadie) umpired at the Canadian Senior Mens Fastball championships in St. John’s, Nfld. The 26 year old was given the home plate assignment for the final game – a huge vote of confidence.
Sandy Barber is recovering from neurosurgery. Margie Crossman has also had a rough go of it, but is on the way back to good health. Bobby Fisher and Kelly MacKenzie were hospitalized as well. Bobby Sill injured his knee but, poled his way through the Cape Breton Highlands on crutches, and still bagged a moose. Freda Sutherland broke her wrist, and Brad Little broke his ankle.
Brookfield Elementary School are continuing with their Veteran Memorial Flags program. Flags must be ordered by October 15, and will be displayed in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day. Before the next Eagle takes flight, the Brookfield Athletic Association’s (BAA) EIGHTIETH ANNIVERSARY Sports Draw will be made on Monday, November 14 at 5:30 PM on Cat Country 99.5 FM radio. All should make sure they have their ticket well before that date. If you are local, tickets can be purchased at most any retail outlet; if you are at a distance, you can buy online at brookfieldathleticassociation.ca. Many former Brookfielders have already done so-don’t be left out on the chance to win some of the $43,000 worth of Grand Prizes! The Brookfield Curling Club will start its 41st season with an Open House, which all are invited to the weeknights of October 24-28, 7-9 PM, and also the afternoons of October 29-30 (1-3 PM). Instruction, equipment, and fun are all provided free of charge – stop in and give it a try for the first time, or if a former player, ‘come see us now’! Help support SCA Athletes – if you dine at the new Boston Pizza location in Truro, write “South Colchester Athletes” on back of your receipt and B.P. will donate 5% of sales value back to SCA! Please take a second to do so.
The Remembrance Day service will be held Friday, November 11 at 10:45 AM at the Veteran’s Memorial. The BMC play the lead coordinating role in this; if anyone wishes information, etc on laying wreaths, or otherwise taking part, contact Bob Lawrence at 673-2022 or at bobandjeanlawrence@gmail.com. A wonderful lunch will be provided to warm the bones after the service at Knox United. The BMC will be coordinating the Halloween Street Patrol on the 31st – anyone wishing to lend a hand can meet at the United Church from 8:45 – 10:45 PM. The Brookfield Garden Club is hosting their 4th Annual Community Wreath project. If you had previously purchased an existing bracket on the utility poles, you may obtain a new wreath for $35; new orders for wreaths and brackets are $75. You must have order and payment in by November 1 – call or email Elsie at 650-2028 or eandjlocke@gmail.com. The brackets will be up by mid-November. On Saturday October 29 there will be an adult Halloween dance and costume party at the Curling Club from 9PM – 1 AM, featuring the music of GlennBoB (G R Matheson, who did such a good job entertaining at the Whing Ding) & the Boot, as well DJ B-FISH (Brent Fisher). Proceeds go to the Sportsplex. There will be a concert Saturday November 5, 7 PM, at Knox featuring Sarah Matheson. The freewill offering will help fund her trip to Nashville to enter in a singing competition. The UCW committee that organizes the terrific Christmas House Tours (this year November 25 and 26) is still looking for homes to be decorated – call 673-2427 for more information.
On Saturday October 8, the Moderator of the United Church of Canada (UCC), the Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell will be at Know United Church, participating with the youth group in activities. The following day, she will lead a combined church service of all the United Church congregations in our area – this to be held at the Audio-Visual Auditorium at CEC in Truro at 10:30 AM. It is expected to attract 1000 attendees, as she is a terrific speaker! The Moderator is the highest position in the UCC. On Sunday October 30, the MY-U group, which features youth from throughout the Maritimes, will present the church service at Knox, titled the Apocalypse Party! Brookfield Baptist Church has started a group (AWANA) for youth from Grades Primary to 6; they welcome all to come on Sunday evenings from 6:30- 8:00 to enjoy the scripture-based program, including games, singing and fun . Please note on Thanksgiving weekend only, AWANA will move to Monday night (Oct 10). The BBC is also forming a community choir for a Christmas musical – practises are 6:30-7:30 on Thursday evenings, and are open to all.
Thanks to all who supported the BAA’s World Cup Pool. won by former Elks twirler, Jim Johnson. Canada rolled to a convincing victory. NHL weekly pools start October 17-21, play for only $2 tickets at Roop’s Esso or BAA website.

The Brookfield Elks of the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League had their home opener on October 6; they defeated the East Hants Penguins, 5-3 and now have a record of 2-2 under new head coach, SCA teacher, Kevin Aucoin. The Elks home games this year are most every Thursday nights – stop in to the Sportsplex and root them on. The Elks organization is partnering with the Sportsplex, so you can play Chase the Ace while attending the game! No need to miss any of the action on the ice, while still having a chance at a big pay-off! The next All Around the Circle Seniors Luncheon will be Tuesday October 18 – doors open at 11:30, meal at 12 Noon. AAtC card parties go every Wednesday night at their lounge in the Sportsplex, starting at 7:30 – you can play cribbage or 45s for only $2 admission fee. AAtC Seniors Drop In – Drop Off Friendship & Activity program continues on Monday afternoons from 1-4 PM. Enjoy puzzles, games, coloring, and refreshments. Check out the new FaceBook group at AAtC Seniors. Remember the Municipal election is Saturday October 15 – you can vote for either Christine Blair or Bob Taylor for Mayor of Colchester; District 2, which includes most of Pleasant Valley, Shortts Lake, Green Creek and Oaks is contested by Shawn Duffy and Bill Masters. Our School Board district has a new representative – Reg Pauley was acclaimed. Many are watching the slow-motion train wreck that is the presidential election campaign in the USA – seldom (never?) have been their two such polarizing candidates. See you at the BMC on October 17!


September 2016 Newsletter

Volume 28 Issue 1
By the feel of the early mornings and evenings, we have slipped into Indian Summer, after a long, warm, dry, three-plus month stint. The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) will start their 80th year on Monday September 19, 7:30 PM at the Fire Station – as usual, the welcome mat is out to all who enjoy fun, fellowship, food, and a modicum of community service – why not stop in? Candidates running for Mayor of Colchester, Bob Taylor and Christine Blair, will address the meeting and answer questions. Election Day for Colchester mayor, councilors and School Board representatives is October 15. Right off the hop, we want to thank the huge number of volunteers, who helped make the 2016 events, specifically the Whing Ding, and Coming Home to Brookfield celebrations fantastic! Congrats to the CHB Committee, led by Tim Ross, and including Gail Wright, Keith Gale, Rachel DeVries, Susan MacDonald, Judy Matheson, Art Peck, Betty Roop, Austin Ross and Stephen Henderson.
We were delighted to welcome not one, but two families, who fled the cauldron of hate in the Near East – The Project Hope committee had their efforts stalled by the federal government, but eventually were able to bring the Al-Hussein family here. Parents Abdel and Assama, and their children Ahmed, Ghufran, Mohammed, and Alaa are loving the area! Fadia Awar, proprietor of the Sunrise Motel, welcomed her brother Khalid, his wife Maha, and children Maroo and Ruddy. Both families will enhance life in our community. Welcome!
At the last (May) meeting, Peter Matheson was elected winner of the Al Campbell Memorial Award, as BMC-er of the year. BMC Secretary, Terry Henderson was the Randy Roop Memorial Award recipient, presented by the Brookfield Athletic Association (BAA) for outstanding contribution to recreation in our area. Former Elks catcher Jason Sanford was named the Ricoh Softball Male Athlete of the Year. George O’Leary elevated to the highest rank in the Masonic Lodge in N.S. Sarah Matheson won the 2016 Country Star Search (over 30 years category) in Halifax – she gets to attend the North American Country Music Association competition in Tennessee.
Who says marriage is passe; certainly not the hordes clogging up the metaphoric altars! Among the happy couples exchanging vows were: Scott George (Tony, Rhonda) and Jill Smith – they live in Penticton, B.C.; Jessica Nielsen (Rod, Lori) and Daniel Ash; Emily Works (Rollie, Glenda) and Joseph Burke; Dr. Karla Armsworthy (Dave, Jane) and Josh Archibald; Mitchell Cooke (Robbie, Joanne) and Kim Smith; curling sweethearts Courtney Rutherford ( Layton, Arlene) and Steve Hanham; Amy Fleming (Christine, the late Blair) and Daniel MacKenzie; Brian Kolstee (John, Andrea) and Krista Holland (Jim, Barb); Zach Sill (Grant, Tammy) and Leeann McLaughlin; Jimmy Moore and Agnes Adams; Cody Graham and Emily Sitser. Best wishes to all!
A very incomplete listing of the many who were in Brookfield over the past few months -Jonathan MacKenzie and family from Ottawa, Derrick Ross from Sterling, Ont., Neil Works and Gabriella Perreault, Chad and Jerica Lee Works, as well as Jim Benvie, Susan Sutherland, and Jerad Stewart from the west. Joanna (Canning), Ryan, and Kai Stefani came from BC, and Billy Hazelton visited with Don and Doadie. His brother Peter and son Jack were home from Ontario. Visiting from BC were Bev Peterson’s sister Myrtle Dillman (Williams Lake) and Bev’s niece and her husband, Bonnie and Clark Melville (Quesnel). Marian McDonald’s adult kids, Bert, Greg, and Angela, along with their kids, enlivened the Home Coming celebrations! Ally Campbell (Bob, Linda) is home from stops in Florida and Ontario. Sisters Glenda Harvey from St. Peters, and Jennet Molloy, and daughter Sinead came from Belfast for her daughter/niece Emily’s wedding. Helen Belanger and Susan VanTassell made a whirlwind stop; and Mark and Jill Dean were home for next-door neighbour Karla’s wedding. Peter Kennedy and family were home from Minnesota, and Kelly and Wendi Grant came from BC. Amanda Clark made the long trip from Australia to George and Joan’s. Former Elk hockey and ball star of the 60s, Buddy Gardiner and wife Sharon were here from Ontario. B J Sutherland and family came home from Indiana; his Uncle Robin (and Mavis) were here from Ontario, as was Bev (Sutherland) Woolaver. Krysten Stewart and daughter Sadie Garneau visited her Stewart family kin. Susan Carter welcomed home several nieces and nephews, as well as son James and Laura and kids for the spreading of her sister Kay Matheson’s ashes. Mac and Nadine Campbell visited Papa Paul from Ottawa, and their cousins Sherry and Jay Ovsenny and kids from Etobicoke were at Betty Roop’s. Jack and Carol Campbell (England) visited his mother Eloise Yorke. The George Sutherland cousin reunion brought back Charlene Fraser (BC) , Marilyn Fallon, Karen and Fred Davis (Ont.), Denny and Carol Haverstock (Port Hawkesbury), Bill and Debbie Turner (Omak, Washington), and Bill Dennis (Moncton). Herb and Betty MacFarlane had all three distant daughters (and families) home at various times – Sheryl and son Liam (BC), Krista and Blair and family (Nfld), and Heather and Greg Loewen and kids (Maine). Exciting to have Marg (Locke) and Brad Little moving back home, to the renovated “Ponderosa” on Crystal Lake Drive!
Babies brought lots of joy and energy to homes – especially to Upper Brookfield couple Nicki (Vissers) and Adam Caughey, where twin boys are livening up things! Ryan and Jane Mackenzie have a baby girl, a grand-daughter for Kevin and Melissa MacKenzie and Mark and Kelly Fleming. Anitra and Dave Whidden chalk up another grandchild, as daughter Kim and Craig Kennedy have a new baby girl in Newfoundland. A boy was born to Devin Spencer and Paxton Emily MacAulay; and Paul Lemay and Christa Totten have a baby girl. Congratulations to all!
Since our last edition, much has happened on the educational front. Cy and Emmy Miller’s grand-daughter, Lindsay Miller (Greg, Jamie) graduated with her B.A. in Religious Studies from Kingswood University – she served 4 months with a missionary group as her internship, living with a family in Macedonia, providing food and water to refugees along the Greece-Macedonia border. She is engaged to Oliver Locke, son of Drs. Trevor and Diana Locke, and grandson of Shirley and the late Glen Locke. Cy and Emmy have re-located to Middleton, close to Greg’s family. Jason Wallace and Linden Stewart purchased the Miller home on Densmore Drive. Carley O’Neill (Rob, Kelly) graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology with her Masters in Health Science. Jake Rains (Trish,Aaron) received his B.A. (Psychology) from St. F.X. Linda and Victor Penny’s grand-daughter, Hailey Messervey (Rick, Jacqueline of Elmsdale) graduated with her B.Sc Nursing from St. F X. Audrey MacDonald’s grandson, Alex MacDonald (Gord, Denise) received his BBA from Acadia. David and Lisa Lawrence’s son Jonas, grand-son of Jean and Bob Lawrence, graduated from J H Gillis High in Antigonish, and won a major scholarship to St F X. Brette Holland (Jim, Barb) received the NS Power Centennial Scholarship to assist in her Mechanical Engineering studies at Dal. The SCA alumnus had previously graduated from Dal with a B.Sc. (Mathematics), and she was Dal AC’s Academic Athlete of the year.
At South Colchester Academy (SCA) we welcome a new Principal, the very energetic Marilyn Bruce from Truro Heights, as well as a new V-P, Jody Miller from Elmsdale. Past Principal Nevin Jackson has moved to the Board’s central office, and as mentioned in the May edition, V-P Charlie Weatherbee retired. At the 13th SCA graduation last June, multiple award winners were: Rebecca Rankine, Jenna Bekkers, Bertram Carroll, Shanea Fields, Emma Graham, Brody MacPhee, Mikaela Mason, Connor Murdock, Maria Penman, Alexander Rhoddy, Branden Rice, Erica Robertson, Morgan Toole, Glen Ryan Walters, Karlee Burgess, Trent Lynds, and Liam Giffen. The latter three were Athletes of the Year, and Morgan Toole (Everett, Jacquie) was the Queen Elizabeth II Medal winner for superior academic achievement in Grades 10-12, while Connor Murdock (Mark, Janice) was the Governor General Medal Award recipient, signifying the highest average in Grade 11-12 subjects! Athletically, the SCA Wolves repeated the double – both the Boys fastpitch softball and Girls slo-pitch team repeated as provincial Champions! Team members were: Alex Rhoddy, Cam Baker, Liam Giffen, Cam Brown, Morgan Johnson, Noah Poirier, G R Walters, Austin Christensen, Keegan Crowell, Connor MacKay, Colby McMullen, Evan McNea, Reid and Carson Lanceleve and Coach Andrew Sears. The Girls team, led by Coach Kelly Spencer, won their 8th consecutive championship – players were Mariah Hunt, Shanea Fields, Morgan Fisher, Sarah Kennedy, Jade MacDougall, Haley Duykers, Faith Langille, Ainsley McCoul, Emily Moore, Hayley Elliott, Jesse Keddy, Hannah Raymond, Charlea Lowe, Maya Clapperton, and Emma Fisher. At the provincial Track and Field Championships, medalists included Trent Lynds in the Sr. Boys 1500 and 3000 metres, Karlee Burgess, Sr. Girls 400 m; Tyler Howe Sr. Boys 100 m Hurdles, as well as Special Athletes Glenda Patterson, Cameron Byrne, Jason Hicks, and Angus Paul for CCJHS. Brooklyn Rutherford was 2nd in Sr girls Shot Put. Robert and Dorene Matheson’s daughter Shawn Lynds received a 25 year service pin from CCRSB, as did SCA teacher Chris Ross and E.A. Debbie Messervey. The Colchester Royals, coached by Andrew Sears and Steve Patton made a strong showing at the Under-16 Fast pitch Nationals – shortstop Rowan Sears was a standout. At the U-21 Nationals in Ontario, several local players (Alex Rhoddy, Jake Bowers, Dylan McCoul, Rowan Sears, Liam Cotton, Reid Lanceleve) played key roles for the NS entry that is prepping for the Canada Games next summer in Manitoba – Coby Crowell was named an All-Canadian outfielder. Patrick Stewart and Jay Duffy, both former Jr Elks hockey stars were key contributors to the East Hants Mastodons 3rd – place finish at the Senior Mens fastpitch Nationals in Newfoundland as was Jason Sanford, named All-Canadian Catcher. Madison Clarke (David, Carla) was named an All-Star at the Senior Womens Fastpitch Nationals – she was part of the host PEI team that won the bronze medal. Keiver Read and Gary Caldwell played for the NS team that finished third at the Over 55 Hockey Nationals in Ontario. Luke MacMillan (Ed, Wilma) helped his team win the U-18 Tier 2 Provincial title; and Riley MacLeod, Cam DeGroot and Michael Adams won the Nova Scotia Under-16 crown! Bev Read and Kathy Dean from Team Nova Scotia brought home Gold in the 55+ Canada Games 2016 for hockey. Cam Weatherbee played for the Truro baseball team that won the NS Mosquito title.

The 569 Colonel G N Henderson had their ceremonial inspection and review in late May. Col. Don MacLeod was the Reviewing Officer, and the ceremony was outstanding. Outgoing Squadron CO Ralph Murphy handed the keys to new CO, Lieut. Andrew Tattrie, who just married Lieut. Holly Beeler, the squad’s Administration Officer. The squadron won the Drill Team Trophy, and it was easy to see why, as they put on an awesome demonstration. Award winners included Sgt. Travis White, who won both the Spirit of 569 and the Lord Strathcona Medal; the Garth Decker Award went to F. Sgt Brookes Woodworth; WO1 Peter Betts won the Col G N Henderson Award. The Top 1st year cadet was Alyssa Rice, and the W/O Ralph Murphy Award went to Nicholas Hinton. Many former 569 members were in attendance at the banquet, and spoke glowingly of their experience in Cadets, and how it has helped them in their aviation, military, and civilian careers. This is a fantastic program for males and females, Grade 7-12, they meet Tuesday nights (6:30 – 9:15) at the Brookfield Elementary School, where they have terrific facilities; enter through the north (rear) side. For more information contact Andrew.tattrie@cadets.gc.ca or 902-890-4527. The BMC has been the official sponsor of the 569 squadron since the early 1950s!
The list of folks going to their final reward is lengthy – we offer condolences from the greater community. Passing were former BJHS Principal Bob Gogan of North River; Elm St. native and volleyball star Glen Locke; Norm Taylor, Sandy Munro, and Donnie McNutt, all of Brentwood; Norine Ross, mother to Paul and Patsy (Miller); Gerry O’Neil, Wayne’s brother; Muriel Smith’s sister-in-law, Myrtle Guild; former resident Dorothy Trainor, in Ontario; Betty Langille, widow of former Elk, Sonny; in Massachusetts, former Birch Hill resident Lawrence Fisher – he was an uncle to Dave, Gerald and Lorraine Peterson; former Brookfield Lumber employee Dave Saunders of Hilden; Barbara Geldart of Debert – she was sister to Joe and Chester Toole; “Mit” Redmond, of Onslow Mtn., brother to Harley, Debbie and Chrissie; much-respected SCHS teacher and longtime contributor to the Eagle, Reta Dunn; Ed McNutt’s mother, Joan McNutt of Truro; Pearl Taylor, sister to Cecil Stevens; former Sportsplex Board Chair Curtis Cameron’s brother, Jim, in Tatamagouche; Gordon Dryden of Truro, brother to Helen Thompson; Cecilia Lowe, mother to Kathy Melvin; Warren Ettinger of Harmony, he was father to Beth Smith; Jackie Arnold, wife to Buddy Arnold; Betty Doane, Jack Hepburn’s sister; Al Atkinson, father to Heather of Pleasant Valley; and Grant Higgins of Shortts Lake.
Chris Donnachie, a member of both Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services and the local Golf Club, represented Nova Scotia at the Nationals Triples in Lawn Bowling. Chris skipped his team to the provincial crown. At the BGC, Mike Penny was the Mens Champion with a score of 147, winning in a playoff. Mike Henderson (149) was the Senior Champ, and Lawrence Ettinger was the Super Senior winner (171). Chris Bernard (161) won the ladies title, Joanne McNeil was the Senior Ladies winner (182) and Barb Pyle was Super Senior champ (190). Austin MacBurnie was the Junior champ (158). The BGC team made a stirring comeback, but fell just short of defending the Shaw Cup, losing 13-11 to Fox Hollow GC. A big tip of the hat to Brookes VanTassell, Danny Graham, Chris and Amanda Cornelius who organized and ran a re-vitalized minor ball program that had an incredible 110 kids playing!! Help them build on this next year – by volunteering; more coaches are needed to sustain the program.
Lorraine and Alan Carter, and Andrew, Becky Roop and kids went to Mexico. Stephen, Tracey, Bob, and Kathleen traveled to Iceland – Tron is taking credit for that country’s meteoric run to the Semi Finals in the European soccer championships, where the country of 350,000 ousted England! Mike and Brenda Henderson visited family and friends in Ontario and NY state. Patty Stewart and Rob Smith visited her daughter Krysten in Quebec City, and her Ross aunts in Ontario. Uncle Terry Stewart (and Maureen Foster) also were at Krysten’s. Susan and Michelle MacDonald went to Jamaica, Dave and Anitra Whidden went to Newfoundland; and Gerry MacWha went to Calgary and Ft. McMurray. Gerald and Elaine Ross, and their grand-son Tristan Sutherland visited family in Calgary and Whitecourt. Geoff and Joanne Stewart accompanied daughter Nicole Poplar and family to Disney World, part of the Disney Wish Foundation for Connor Poplar, happily now in remission! Joanne had gone to Belize to assist in the development of teachers there. Krista McMullin went to Yellowknife to visit daughter Janelle and family. Erin Jamieson went to Las Vegas, and Betty Roop went to Toronto.
Hospitalized were Hazen Hutchinson, Doug Bernard, Brandon Hoyt, Harry Mowatt, Myrna Sutherland, Gordie Frank, Kelly Countway, Brandon Hoyt; as well as those cracking limbs – wrists for Margie Walters and Theresa Elliot, a leg for Mitch White, and a collarbone for Matt Murphy. We hope recoveries are progressing well.
Quite a ‘vacation’ Gene Retson took- Gene bicycled from Calgary to Ottawa with, and in support of, the indomitable Chris MacDougall, who is cycling from BC to NS to raise funds for cancer research! For more info, or to support go to https://dmrf.ca/about/our-stories/charlies-ride-for-cancer-research/ . Kudos also to Marion Retson and Ernie Glinz for driving Chris’ support vehicle. Speaking of cyclists – the 2016 Sears Nation Kids Cancer Ride on behalf of the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, which is the 9th Annual, will be at Ed Creelman Park Friday September 23 at noon. More info is available at http://searsnationalkidscancerride.ca. The ice will be in the Sportsplex by October 2 – make plans now to book ice time by calling 673-2063. The Junior B Elks hockey club are excited about their upcoming season in the NS Junior Hockey League under new General Manager Steve Crowell and Coach Kevin Aucoin. Home games will be Thursdays at 7:30 this year, with the lid lifter against East Hants on October 6. The Brookfield Curling Club Open House will be held in October – see the next Eagle for more info, or call Mike at 673-2769; plan now on enjoying “the roaring game” at the Sportsplex this winter. The BAA’s signature event, the Sports Draw/Big Game Hunt, has tickets available now. This is the 80th edition of the BGH, and we encourage all to support this most crucial BAA fundraiser. The Grand Prize package is valued at over $43,000 this year, and features a $2500 diamond pendant, a Jeep Wrangler, $5000 worth of Atlantic Superstore gift cards, a specially- made Elks firepit , courtesy of Geoff Stewart, and other prizes. There are lots of local ticket sales – persons, if you are some distance away, you can buy online at www…brookfieldatheticassociation.ca. The BAA also will be operating a hockey pool for the much-anticipated World Cup of Hockey – tickets are available now for the event starting Sept. 17. Entries are only $5; tickets are available at Roop’s Esso or online at the BAA address above. Entry deadline is Sept. 16, so act quickly! Knox United Church is hosting their giant Yard Sale and Breakfast on Saturday September 24, 7 AM – 1 PM – come and find treasures and enjoy a hearty breakfast – another big crowd is expected. Brookfield Baptist Church is having a Community B.B.Q. on Saturday September 17 from 11 – 1; all welcome! The Terry Fox Run will be held on Sunday September 18 at picturesque Carter Falls. Registration starts at 12:30 at the far end of Carter Rd. Pledge sheets are readily available at local businesses, or by calling 673-2427. The Brookfield Run is legendary through the region and beyond; please help support it, and then join the ‘after-party’ the curling club at 2:30 onward. The Sportsplex Chase the Ace will resume at the curling club on Thursday October 6. Doors open at 7, food and beverage at the ready, and the draw is done at 8:30. Three winners have received a total of $38,000 to date, in addition to about 70 nightly winners; so come along, enjoy some time with your friends, maybe win some big bucks, and support the Sportsplex! The All Around the Circle Seniors Club are moving their Drop In – Drop Off Friendship/Activity days to Monday afternoons. There will be an Adult Colouring Contest, – bring your crayons or pencils; pictures, prizes and refreshments provided. Contact Flora (673-2278) or Susan (673-2479) for more info on this standout program to enhance the lives of local seniors! On September 20th the monthly Seniors luncheons resume, doors open at 11:30, meal at 12. Guest speaker from Alzheimer Society with topic “Heads’ Up to Healthy Brains” and “10 Warning Signs”. All Around the Circle card parties every Wednesday at Sportsplex at 7:30 PM – $2 admission. The Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame Education outreach program makes a stop at SCA on Monday, September 19, 10:30 AM; public is welcomed.

See you at the BMC on September 19th –
Check our website for more community activities: http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca

Fly like the eagle

Volume 27, Issue 9
The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) will put a bow on their 2015-16 meeting season on Monday, May 16 at 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. On the agenda are fun, food, and fellowship, which are monthly happenings; as well as a program, and preparing for summer activities such as Ed Creelman Park plans, involvement in Coming Home to Brookfield and Canada Day festivities, BBQs, and others. We hope all the regular members are present, and welcome any other men of the area to visit.
The Annual Ladies Night gala was well attended – about 140 in total dined on Head Chef Peter Matheson’s wonderfully prepared, multi-course dinner. Close to 120 guests had to be restrained from crowding the stage before the BMC’s presentation on ELK-TV of The Price is Right, replete with a Calypso Carnival theme. Of the seven contestants, Erin Jamieson proved to be the sharpest consumer, winning a bevy of invaluable tropically-inspired prizes, AND getting the privilege of smooshing a cream pie in Club-man Don Harvey’s face – priceless! The Red Tide continued in the theme, and their renditions of Jamaican Farewell, Yellow Bird, The Banana Boat song, and The Sloop John B made many feel they were in the Antilles. The culmination of a great evening was the presentation of the BMC Eagle Award to Rod Nielsen, whose long-time volunteer efforts on behalf of the community precisely fit the criteria. Rod is vital to the Fire and Emergency Services, and represents the department on regional and provincial committees, as well as to Knox United Church, and several other groups and organizations. He is another in a long line of dedicated community persons to have received this high honor, and we were pleased his wife Lori, daughters Erica and Jessica, parents Roy and Leona, and mother-in-law Velma Fisher were all present. BMCer Ches Brown marks his 80th birthday – drop into Knox Hall – May 14, 2-4 pm to extend best wishes.
Congratulations also to Lori Nielsen, who retired after 36 years at Lafarge – hopefully the kiln keeps turning in her absence! School closing in June will see some highly regarded educators hang up their blackboard chalk (or whatever has replaced that!) – SCA Vice-Principal Charlie Weatherbee, Math Department Head Brian Sears; English Department Head Dale Roberts. One of Ms Roberts best English students, Bailey Campbell (Linda. Bob) is graduating from UNB with her law degree – well done Bailey!! Cody Locke is continuing his golf professional management course at Holland College with a summer co-op arrangement at the world-renowned Cabot Cliffs Gold Course in Inverness – he may hear from several friends! Paul Rodd was third high individual, and his Colchester team captured first place in the Nova Scotia Highlanders Military Rifle Association marksman competition. The Brookfield Rapids won the Nova Scotia Under 14 Tier 2 Volleyball Championship, with games played at SCA and Truro Junior High. The team received excellent coaching from Randy Kelly and Sarah Wort, and was managed by Julie Kelly. Players were: tournament MVP Klarissa Pasion, All Stars Erica Fisher and Holly Wry, and Hannah Boutilier, Emily Kelly, Jana Hunt, Lucy Edelston, Emma Collier, Brianna Graham. Sarah Wort was also a champion on the Soft Serve team that won the Brookfield Mixed Volleyball League, downing Susan Miller’s Volleybrawlers in the final. The Under 18 Tide team, with Jonathan Kaye and two sons of SCA teachers, Michael Adams (Rob) and Jack Aucoin (Kevin), won the provincial title – SCA Coach Paul Tufts was part of the coaching staff. Wolves Jade MacDougall, Marika Schenkels, and Kennedy Wry were on the NS U -15 runner-up team and will attend nationals in Waterloo, Ont. Athletes of the Month for April at SCA were badminton players – Klarissa Pasion and Austin Christenson. Principal Nevin Jackson’s son, Patrick was second in the province in Senior High Boys Badminton Doubles. Morgan Johnson, Rebecca Rankine, and Terry Park attended the Celebration of School Spirit at the World Trade & Convention Centre. Brent Walters and Tyler Howe were a stellar netminding tandem for the Truro Midget AA Bearcats, that won the provincial hockey title with an undefeated season! Sharon MacPhee, wife to Bill Stewart, was beaming when her grand-daughter, Grace Martin of Lunenburg, captured the Atlantic Midget AAA hockey title with her Metro Boston Pizza team. They travelled to Weyburn, Sask. to compete in the national championships. Grace is only bantam age, so was routinely playing against girls 2- 3 years older! The Brookfield Elks Bowling League has wrapped up their 55th year; champs were Pibb Henderson, Jean Axworthy, Nancy VanTassell and Ross MacDougall. Ornithologists have been flocking to the Wetlands Trail, cameras in hand, to get shots of the graceful egret that has apparently settled there, considerably farther north than usual!!
What a job the local United Church women did in hosting the UCW biennial for three days in April. 125 guests from the Maritimes and Bermuda were here, and were amazed by the energy, the seemingly-unending stream of both food and music, and all-around hospitality. It was great to see Betty Webber back in Brookfield – she lived in the manse in the late 50’s – early 60’s with her husband, the late Rev. Ralph Webber, and their children.
Congratulations to students of Joanne Hatfield for strong showings at the Truro Music Festival – Alexa Roop was first in her modern piano class; and Stephanie Meadus and Abigail Hovey were second in their respective classes. Joanne and her band Cocada are featured on the newly-released CD by world music ensemble Moja Makani. Included are two of Joanne’s original compositions – proceeds from locally sold CD’s will be donated to Water For Life. SCA also had strong showings at the Music Festival, led by teacher/conductor Holly Hartlen. Their Jazz Combo (Connor Murdock – trombone, Beth O’Connell – bass, Caelan Meagher – drums, Suzi Kim – clarinet, Anna Hamilton – alto sax, Julia Hamilton, Hanna Dunlap – trumpets, Ga-yeon Choi – piano) won silver. The Glee Club placed first, and received the Dr. and Mrs. Brian Delaney Award for Intermediate School Choir. Sopranos – Jessica Frizzell, Isabella Johnson, Kristin Blair, Hanna Dunlap, Oliva King, Delane MacNeil, Brynn Rankin, Danielle Zambolin; Alto – Kathleen Cochrane, Madelyn Fisher, Jorja Smith, Hailey Lemmon, Emily Rushton, Emma Scheel, Taylor Viva, Emma Whittaker; Baritone – Hector Cuerda-Lopez, Denver and Mackie Nicol, Alec and Michael Zhou; and accompanist extraordinaire – Ga-yeon Choi. The “Musically Infused” Group began as an in-class ensemble, and is now largely self-directed – they won the Gold Medal: Olivia Perron-vocals; Emily Moore and Caitlyn Woodworth –vocals, guitar; Arin Mizrak – guitar, mandolin, cajon; Beth O’Connell – bass. They received the Festival Award for Outstanding Ensemble!
The “Virtue Flags” adorning several utility poles along Hwy 289 are a wonderful idea, well-executed by Brookfield Elementary School. They brighten the street-scape, show the art skills and send a good message to (and from) the students. Mark Hamilton is one of 15 visual artists invited from thousands of candidates to participate in the prestigious Arte Internazionale Exhibition in Matera, Italy this month.
Well-known local taxidermist Ron Hollingsworth passed away. Joan Campbell passed after a battle with cancer; her celebration of life service at the Sportsplex saw a large number of friends and relatives attend. Irene Stuart lost both her brother-in-law Larry Spence of Londonderry, and her sister-in-law Betty Dunlap of Debert. At Elk Court, Ken Taylor died, as did Donald Miller; he was a brother to Helen Crockett, Eldon Miller, and the late Lelia Brenton. Preston Hingley, formerly of Hilden died; he was father to firefighter Mike Hingley, and Anita Mitchell, wife to former Intermediate Elks pitcher Fred Mitchell, and mother to Sharon Horner, passed away. Elaine Lucas died in Truro, she was a sister-in-law to Gail (Archibald) McLellan. Kyle Henry of Brentwood died. We offer condolences to all who lost loved ones; and apologize for typo in April issue – Betty Navaux was Robert MacLellan’s mother. Helene Henderson is recovering from surgery – we hope she is back to full fitness soon.
Andrew and Becky Roop vacationed in St. Lucia, while Dane Henderson and Danique Rowsell preferred snow to sand – they went to Banff, Lake Louise, and Golden, B.C. They were joined on the slopes by Olds resident Stephen Maynard, son of Ernie and Helene. Patty Stewart and Rob Smith, joined by her brother Glen and spouse Susan went to Cuba. Bev Bradley and Susanne Harrison both visited (independently) friends in the Sunshine State. Krista McMullin met daughters, Janelle and Joanna and grandchildren in Palm Springs, California. Bev and Gerald Peterson welcomed nephew Delbert Dillan here from Prince George, B.C. We hope all ex-patriate Brookfielders who live and or work in Fort McMurray were spared from personal damages from the devastating wild fires that reduced much of that city to smoking rubble.
Congratulations and a big thank you to the Women That Hunt for organizing the Youth Outdoor Expo, that packed both ice sheds of the Sportsplex with exhibitors, and spectators. It was an exhilarating day, with numerous intriguing demonstrations, door prizes galore, and introducing many activities to the young (and young at heart). WTH donated the admission proceeds to the Sportsplex, an amount in excess of $2600! An amazing job by ten very motivated women! Their next plan is for a Community Yard Sale, also at the Sportsplex, on Saturday May 14. Only $25 per table/spot; contact Kelly at countwka@hotmail.com for more info. While you are marking in events on your calendar, here are some others – there will be a Khrysalis rock concert at Knox United; Saturday, June 4th at 8 PM. Freewell donations accepted. Every Thursday night at the Curling Club, Chase the Ace in support of the Sportsplex goes from 7:15 til 8:30 draw – food and beverages available – the pot is in excess of $6700 – join the fun!  All Around the Circle Seniors luncheon at the Sportsplex will be Tuesday May 17; doors open at 11:30. They continue to host card parties on Wednesday evenings – start time is 7:30, $ 2 admission. Thursday afternoons are socializing times where seniors and their caretakers can gather from 1-4 for games, crafts, jigsaws, etc. – volunteers to host can reach out to the AAtC.  Saturday May 28 – the Fish-a-Rama at the Wetlands Trail, a project of the Train Station Historical Society – 7:30 – 12 noon. Adults – $5.00; they must have a fishing license. Snacks and beverages on site. The TSHS will join the Community Assembly in organizing Canada Day festivities on July 1 at Ed Creelman Park, start time 12 noon. At South Colchester Academy – the musical “Nunsense” will be presented by the Musical Theatre 12 Class of 2016 May 18-19-20; showtime 7 PM; – fun for all ages – children/students/seniors -$6; adults -$8. Athletic Awards night is June 9, and Student Participation Achievement Awards ceremony is May 25, both are 7 – 9 PM, and are open to the public. The 13th graduating class of SCA will receive their sheepskins on June 28. The SCA Wolves Girls Softball team will host the NSAAF provincials at Elk Park on June 3-4; cheer the girls on! The 569 Col. G. N. Henderson Air Cadet Squadron will hold their Annual Ceremonial Review and Inspection at the Curling Rink at 1300 hours on Saturday, May 21. This year’s review will see the changing of the guard, as whirlwind C.O., Captain Ralph Murphy faces mandatory retirement at 65, ending a military career that started for the South Branch native as a 569 cadet in 1963! He traditionally has put together a wonderful program, and the expectation is his swan song will be one not to miss – all are welcome. The new C.O. will be former 569 Cadet Lieutenant Andrew Tattrie. The Mens Club have been a proud supporter of the Air Cadet squadron since the early 1950s! SCA was one of two schools nationally that won the Samsung Canada Solve for Tomorrow (SFT) Challenge, that aims to deepen the passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) among students. The school will receive a $50,000 Samsung SFT grant, tailored specifically to meet the technology needs of the school. SCA will host Youtube partners of AsapSCIENCE for a celebration; giving students a chance to “show – and – tell” how they solved an issue in their community by applying STEM. Thanks so much to all who voted including students, staff, SC alumni and Nova Scotians in general. Dedication of students and staff proved again that Wolves work best in a pack!
Continuing…the Brookfield Athletic Association (BAA) is celebrating EIGHTY YEARS since its founding in 1936! Special plans are already in place for the Sports Draw/Big Game Hunt, including a much upgraded prize list, with an extra 80th Anniversary prize of a diamond pendant worth $2500! Tickets will be available at the Whing Ding, and everywhere, including online at http://www.brookfieldathleticassociation.ca from August til October, with the draw slated for November 14. Also watch for exciting details on promotional efforts between the BAA and Canadian Tire, Atlantic Superstore, and Scotiabank! If anyone wishes to help the
BAA restore this event to previous heights by selling tickets, contact Hugh (673-2427). The BAA will host their 27th Annual Golf Scramble at the Golf Club on Saturday July 2; 7:30 AM – all levels of golfers welcomed – call 673-3352 to register. The Whing Ding will be one of the Coming Home to Brookfield (CHB) anchors; this year on July 22-23 – still “the place to meet your friends”. The Stanley Cup playoffs are well underway (James Retson is the early leader in the BAA pool) – it is not too soon to let you know there will be a pool for the World Cup in September; this will be better quality hockey than the Olympics! Be ready to get your tickets then. These fundraisers enable the BAA to return the money to many different recreation and sports activities in our area. The BAA is accepting nominations for the Randy Roop Memorial Award, for outstanding service to the sport/ recreation community, until June 10 – please pass along any suggestions to mdhenderson@eastlink.ca .The Elks will field an Intermediate ball team this year – home games every Thursday night at Elk Park – the team features some veterans, and four stars from last year’s Under -18 team that did well at Nationals. Brookes VanTassell, Amanda Cornelius and others have generated a lot of interest in organizing several youth teams, from ages 5-15 – they will take it as far as possible IF players AND coaches step forward – contact them at bvantass81@eastlink.ca or corneliusaj@ccrsb.ca respectively for details.  The Terry Fox Run will again be held in September, but that eager committee has other events you should know about, to assist in raising funds for cancer research – these include a Fashion Show and Supper on May 28, 6 PM at Knox Hall; fashions by ETC on Inglis Place – tickets are $20 from TFC committee members, or call 673-2427. On June 4, the Annual Book and Bake Sale happens from 9 AM- 1 PM at Knox; and on June 11 – “Back by Popular Demand” concert at 7 PM at SCA, featuring the music of Waylon Jennings and the ladies of country music, as performed by Dale Fisher, Sarah Matheson and friends. At the retired firehall on Hwy 2, Skylyn Foods and Gifts has opened, providing a variety of food, groceries, snacks and gifts. Pleasant Valley MotoCross will host the CMRC Pro National MotoCross Championships July 23 24. Watch local professional stars Tyler Medaglia and Mitchell Cooke churn with the best riders in the country, then rub elbows with the daredevils at the Whing Ding! The theme for this year’s Coming Home to Brookfield celebration is “Our Backyard”, and from what is listed above, one can see it will be a very full summer here! CHB will have many of the activities you know and love, as well as some new events. The brochure fully detailing the event schedule will be in the mail in early July for the July 16-24 festival; info will also be available on the new website cominghometobrookfield.ca, and likely on the community website at the foot of this issue. Some of the events will be – Street Parade, BBQ, Historic Talk on World War I, Farmers’ Market, Open Mic, Herb’s Tunes, Kids Sports Day, Teddy Bears Picnic, Sing Along /Bonfire at the Dam, Shortts Lake Boat Tours, Golf Scramble, Church services at the lake and at Carter House, Soap Box Derby, Celebrating Our Youth, Coffee House, Horse Show, Bingo, Airplane Demo, Road Race, Kids Run, Yoga, the can’t miss Brookfield Blooms, Movie Night, Lafarge Tour, Skateboard Demo, Scavenger Hunt, Bike Hike and more.

See you at the BMC meeting- Monday May 16, 7:30 at the Fire Hall! Next issue is September – watch the community website for information in the meantime!