January 2018
Volume 29, Issue 5

The Brookfield Men’s Club and The Eagle wish all our readers a bountiful, and healthy 2018! We are indeed fortunate to live in such a special community, where so many contribute and, but it is hard to visualize a place that is so interwoven into the lives of her residents, as well as those who reside (temporarily, we hope!) away from the Little River valley! The BMC is part of what makes things special here; they will kick off 2018 on Monday January 15 at 7:30 with their monthly get-together at the Fire Hall – we welcome you to come along. After a remarkably benign autumn weather-wise, we have been locked in a deep freeze since Christmas including very low temperatures and raging winds. The BMC will help push away the chills!

2018! Can it be almost 20 years ago when most were gripped with apprehension if the computer-controlled systems that seemingly operate everything would survive the switch from 1999 to 2000, a year before the end of the millennium. Fortunately, the cyber-coders took the necessary precautions, and chaos was averted.

The BMC again sponsored the Christmas Decorations/Beautification contest. Some of the old judges have been put out to pasture/muzzled, and the fresh eyes have chosen the following winners to receive the gold ingots, (or a reasonable facsimile). The Eagle, organ of the BMC, was scooped by Colchester Weekly News with this info – security leaks are being actively investigated with Trumpian fervor! Those enshrined in the annals of history are:  Best Overall – Nancy and Greg VanTassell; Best Religious Theme – Frank and Hazel Locke; Most Original (with amazing, larger-than-life cutouts of our NHLers, Lyle Carter and Zack Sil) – Stephen Henderson/Tracey Williams; Best Outdoor Tree – Bill Campbell; Best Back Yard – Bob and Jean Lawrence; Best Christmas Card Effect – Ric and Wendy Locke; Best Commercial – Geoff Stewart Welding. Honourable Mention to Colin and Jackie MacPhee, Brian and Sherry Stewart, and Kyle and Megan Morgan. Thanks to all who made our village shine – it is a wonder shepherds and wise men did not follow the illumination!

Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers of the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association (SCMHA) with Gail MacFarlane at the helm, for an excellent job with the Phil Sears Memorial Friendship Hockey Tournament held at the Sportsplex as 2017 wound down. It was great to see so many high-energy kids flashing around the ice – Initiation, Novice, and Atom teams of girls and boys (ages 4-10). The parents, grandparents, guardians, and friends flocked to the rink as well, creating traffic gridlock on Carter Road! If anyone questioned the need for a sidewalk there, it was laid to rest, as cars and pedestrians jostled for space/right-of-way – and that was in the absence of the soon-to-appear snowbanks, which contribute to the safety hazard. Luke Fielding (Jeff, Stephanie) is turning heads – he is one of 20 named to the N.S. Minor Midget AAA All-Star team and will play this week in the East Coast Ice Jam Tournament in Bedford. While handing out bouquets, don’t forget Leah Bowers and crew who produced the 19th Annual “Food for the Spirit” concert to support the local Food Bank. Goodly sums of food and cash were forked over to this sadly-necessary agency. MCs Lisa Henderson and Joel Dawe, sound engineer Rod Nielsen, and Ms. Everything, Joanne Hatfield made the transitioning acts mostly seamless. And the performers, all of whom donate their time and talent!  Say thanks to the afore-mentioned Hatfield for guiding the Knox Junior Choir, her ukulele students, Village Blend, and partnering with Shelley MacLeod, as well as performing herself with Cherry Lane (Mark Hamilton, Tim and Lorraine Ross). Tim was kept busy with the Before Monday band, and accompanying Jake Smyth, Andrea Geldart and the Middle Stewiacke church choir. Others who shone were Megan Isenor, Charles Bowers, Anitra Whidden (with Amanda Greaves), Sarah Matheson (with David Dean), Sarah Alexander-Williams, and Peter and Doris Betts. The incomparable husband-wife duo of James Hill (ukulele) and Anne Janelle (cello) put a beautiful bow on the night.

Members at the Brookfield Curling Club are hoping for a recovery from a stroke for long-time member, and all-around good guy, Bill Stone of Stewiacke. His daughter Becky, and grand-daughter Ainsley McCoul, who live at Shortts Lake, are extending the family tradition of Stones’ throwing (curling) stones excellence going. Marg Osborne was hospitalized, and young Bob Henderson mashed some fingers. Firefighters from several brigades responded in frigid conditions to an epic New Year’s Day suppertime blaze at the Skylyn Bridal shop in the former fire hall on Trunk 2. Owner Josephine Grandy’s apartment and all contents were consumed in the inferno, which obstinately resisted all efforts, including torrents from an aerial ladder truck. The acrid smoke billowed in copious volumes over homes on Laura Drive for several hours.

Thanks to the volunteer farmers who gave of their time, skill and equipment to harvest the cornfield behind Ed Creelman Park/Train Station. Kind hearted citizens “buy” an acre of land, which provides seed and fertilizer, so more profit from the sale of product goes to the Canadian Food Grain Bank, which helps feed starving people in Third World countries. As an extra bonus, the federal government matches all donations, doubling the positive impact of our generosity!

Jim Parks was home at his mother’s (Judy MacKay); he is a professor of higher mathematics at University of Victoria. Ryan and Joanna (Canning) Stefani brought their newborn daughter, Maddyn along with brother Kai home from BC to Krista and Terry’s home. Lots of Sutherlands were home to help mark the always congenial matriarch Edna’s 100th birthday – among them were sons Herk and Robin, with Mavis, B.J. from Indiana, his sister Brandi, from Calgary and Susan Sutherland. Peter, Kelly, and Jack Hazelton were here from Ontario. The Campbell diaspora from Stewiacke East that has gravitated to Brookfield was represented by Peter and family at Brian and Gwen’s, Mac and Nadine at Paul’s, Jay, Sherry and the Ovsenny kids at Betty Roop’s. Peter, Katie, and Abe Kennedy came from the land of 10,000 lakes to Larry and Lynne’s. Great to see sibs Robbie (Germany) and Sarah Densmore (BC) back at Wade and Nellie’s. Gord and Denise MacDonald came from Fort Erie, Ontario to his mother Audrey’s. Kathy Patton was happy to have mother Jean Cameron and sister Heather here from PEI; Darren Smith came from L.A. to Andy and Very Faye’s and the Greg and Heather Loewen family were at her parents, Herb and Betty MacFarlane’s. Jared Stewart was home from the west to see his siblings, grandparents (Gerry, Marilyn Stewart, Eefie Crowell) and parents, Tammy Armstrong and Brian Stewart. Patrick Jackson, son of former SCA Principal Nevin (and Lisa) Jackson was home to Truro Heights from Bolivar, Missouri, where he attends Southwest Baptist University on a golf scholarship.

Exciting news from Oromocto, where Brad George and Kathy O’Donnell have a new baby girl; second grand-child for Tony and Rhonda George in a matter of months! Four SCHS grads from the 1960s all added a grandchild with the birth of Maely Grace Abigail, born to golf pro Laura McCallum and former Jr hockey Elk Mark Kennedy. Both parents won NS High School softball championships while at SCHS. As all four grandparents (Larry, Lynne Kennedy, Patsy, Herb McCallum) left their marks on the fields, courts, arenas, and links of the area, we are not going very far out on a limb to predict this little girl will make headlines down the road. Former fireballer from the 1980 Canadian Senior Men’s Fastball Champions Brookfield Elks, Steve Healy, and his wife Patty, added to their grand-child count when their daughter Jessica birthed a son, Charlie Sinclair. Brookfield Elementary French teacher Julie Holland and hubby delivered baby Mae Louise Holland early on Christmas morning. Life is Good! Regan Bowers (Charles, Leah) got engaged to Ryan Stewart (Pat Stewart’s grandson). From Centreville, Kings County comes word that New Minas native Samantha Chaulk accepted Stevie Healy Jr’s engagement proposal. Bob Roop’s daughter, Allison, accepted Greg Lamb’s wedding proposal, as did Tracey Taylor (from Shawn Wallace). Best wishes to all of these folks in the upcoming chapters of their books! Noted birthday celebrants were Austin Ross (75), John Matheson (80) and Eldon Miller (85).

The Eagle received very generous greetings and financial support from readers Ron Belanger, now ensconced in the Annapolis Valley, and frequent contributors Ken and Sharon (Trenholm) Bird from Thamesford, Ontario, fellow trillium-ite Elaine (Ross) Healey (Wasaga Beach), Middle Stewiacke’s Joyce Geddes,former Middle/South Branch couple Marg and Don Fisher of Hilden/Shortts Lake, and the salt-of-the-earth guy, Big Bill Kennedy! Our thank you seems insufficient; please know how grateful the BMC is for your thoughtfulness!

There are far too many entries in the obituary column this edition – we mourn the passing of: Don Berry of Shortts Lake…Irene Stuart’s sister, Darlene Reid in Dartmouth…at Elk Court, Bill Connors, formerly of Middle Stewiacke – he was husband to the late Dot (Carter) Connors…at the Mira in Truro, in her 100th year, Frances Carter of Truro, mother to dyed-in-the-wool Elks fans Ralph, George, and Danny, and aunt to BMC-er Larry Archibald. Final farewells to former Brookfield Baptist Church parson David Roy of Truro, and to our most senior citizen, Donna Matheson’s mother Merle Nelson, who went to her reward at 109 years of age. Two long-term Lafarge employees passed – in West St. Andrews, retiree Elroy Hill; among others he leaves wife Elva, and sisters Mabel Densmore and Esther Wallace. Kevin Croft, an employee with Lafarge passed away at 47, in Truro. Gwen Archibald’s family lost a brilliant young man (57), when her son Dr. Colin Archibald passed away in Florida, a victim of cancer. Colin was a very highly-regarded university professor, and did ground – breaking and award winning research work. The village was shocked and saddened with the death of Susanne Harrison, wife of Rev Larry Harrison who led the Brookfield Pastoral Charge for over 30 years and now, is in a second term as our MLA. A motor vehicle collision claimed the life of Rose, wife of Lucien Wybenga, and daughter-in-law of Dr. Milton and Alice Wybenga of Shortts Lake. Give a thought or a prayer for all our grieving families; please accept our condolences.

Sherry and Brian Stewart gadded about the Great White Way during their trip to NYC, taking in the acclaimed (and Newfoundland-based) play “Come From Away”. BMC Prez Jim Feener and wife Marlene went to Ontario to spend the holidays with their daughters Adinda and Shelley and their families. Barb and Roger Ryan did the same, singing their carols with son Patrick’s family in London, Ont. Brent and Meredith Harrison took their kids Gavin and Paige to Florida; also along were Stacey Harrison and Jason Steele. Danny, Kathy, Holly and Jill Dean jetted to the Palm Beach area of Florida for an early Christmas with Mark. Caila Henderson and her best pal, Robbie Lebans winged to St. John’s to hear their favourite band, Hey Rosetta give their final concert in their hometown. Brenda Geddes is wintering with her daughter’s family in Arizona. Marg (Locke) and Brad Little went to Manitoba to assist daughter Emily, spouse Joel, and their twin grandsons, Hunter and Harrison. Zoe Barbour celebrated Christmas on a Caribbean Cruise.

On Saturday January 27, stop in at the Brookfield Curling Club to watch 16 teams from the various leagues vie for club supremacy in a day-long Bonspiel. The BCC would love to increase the number of local participants, to keep this vital part of the Sportsplex operating. It is confounding that more residents of greater Brookfield/Shortts Lake/South Colchester do not take part of this wonderful asset, when based on the TV ratings, Canadians are watching curling on TV in droves!!?! Other opportunities to try curling come with the Mayor’s Challenge on February 3, the St. Patrick’s Day ‘Spiel on Saturday March 17, and the 29th Annual Great Community Curling Classic, which goes March 23-25 this year. These events welcome, and are geared towards people with minimal curling experience. The playoffs leading to Super Bowl LII will kick off before we go to press, and the Eagle is tempted to offer his vision – despite the late Punch Imlach’s denigration (“predictions are for gypsies”). The NFC is far superior to the AFC, but we see the many top teams knocking each other out/off – sorry my beloved Rams (man/boy? – crush developed on Roman Gabriel and the Fearsome Foursome gang of mid-60s) – finally relevant after many years, but as we said in 2015 about the Maple Buds, 2019 makes more sense. Thus we expect the Steelers – Patriots showdown not only to crown the AFC champ, but produce the Lombardi Trophy holder.

The Nova Scotia International Student Program is currently seeking host families for the Hilden, Brookfield, Stewiacke and surrounding areas for students who would attend South Colchester Academy, or Brookfield Elementary. Our international students are seeking homes in a safe, friendly environment. They have fitted in nicely in family, single parent and senior homes. I will be happy to meet with you should you have any interest or questions about hosting a short term, one semester or one year international student. Email: Phone: Lacy Hines.

The New Horizons Senior Band will be starting again on January 18th and those interested in starting with the 18th Wave can attend an info session at Colchester Legion Stadium at 3 p.m. (upstairs) or email . The Fitness Centre at South Colchester Academy will host another information/orientation session on Wednesday, January 10, 6-7 PM. Attendance at an orientation is required for the adult public to use (at no cost!) this fine facility to help all get into swimsuit shape(!!?!). Or if yoga is more your style, Tuesday’s 6 – 7 PM with Debbie Matheson at Knox Hall, or Chair Yoga at the Senior’s Lounge Thursday, 10:15 – 11;Megan Morgan will lead a Gentle Yoga at the Firehall on Thursday’s from 4 – 6 PM. More info on all of these can be found on the community website. In other All Around the Circle Senior’s Club news, their monthly luncheon will be Tuesday, January 16 – doors open at 11:30. Wednesday nights are cards night (crib, 45’s) at their lounge at the Sportsplex. Brookfield Garden Club meets in that room at 7:30 PM the second Monday of every month. Tanya Chase is hosting Tupperware Bingo at the Firehall in January 21 at 7 PM; $10 for 5 games and a free gift.

See you at the BMC; 7:30 on the Ides of January – “Et tu, Brutes?” – no knives allowed!     The Eagle

Check our website calenndar for community activities: http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca


December 2017
Volume 29, Issue 4

    The Brookfield Mens’ Club wish to thank the Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services, led by Chief Rod Nielsen, for hosting the BMC’s November meeting. The program kept members up to date on BFES activities, and the lunch was very tasty. The BMC throws out the welcome mat to community members to join them at their Christmas meeting on Monday December 18, 7:30 at the Fire Hall. That session will be long on festive frolicking and food (and short on business!), so come along – please feel free to bring a donation for the Food Bank, and a gift to exchange (suggested value $5-10). The BMC will again sponsor the annual Christmas Decorations judging, to be done by the Wise (?) Men (and Women) on Friday December 22, so be prepared!
The Eagle may be ready to be nudged (yanked ?!?) into retirement, or at least sent to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for a frontal lobotomy, based on the errors in the November edition. The Ol’ Bird overplayed his hand at an attempt at poetic license – we wish to absolutely clarify, and apologize, for ascribing news tidbits to persons who did not provide same, and that may have caused them undue stress. We shall attempt to be more judicious going forward; an effort to make the edition less banal, yielded some unintended consequences, and we are truly sorry. Likewise, while lauding young entrepreneur Mitchell Johnston last time, we named his uncle and aunt as his parents; of course that should have been his progenitors George and Carolyn Johnston. Please accept our apology – there is enough ‘fake news’ out there – we don’t mean to add to it by making errors! So if any budding (or post-bud) journalists out there wish to improve the effort, send resumes to the BMC!
While we are sorry to see the Gillis family re-locate for work reasons to Metro, we are glad Sarah McNutt has moved into the former Seldon Carter house on Hamilton Avenue. Sarah is the grand-daughter of Roop’s Cleaners master seamstress Lorna Johnson, daughter of Shannon Johnson, and niece of Dorene and Robert Johnson. Sarah’s kids Noah, Addison, and Terrence are in school here. Tamara MacKenzie and daughters Haven and Hope, have moved into Pleasant Valley. There is also a building boom ongoing – Mitchell Cooke has built an impressive workplace just east of the CNR tracks on Rte 289 to house his 2 U Like New Auto Detailing business, which, in addition to the fine detailing work, also provides a mobile wash and mechanic components. Just south of the village proper on Hwy 2, Mark Toole is building a huge garage to house the equipment for his thriving excavation business. It is thrilling to watch these young businessmen prosper in their home
village, providing needed services and employment – well done guys! Some expansion to families has necessitated additional living space – Heidi Cooke and Tyler Medaglia have built on to their home on the old Percy Lockhart property; and Mark Kennedy and Laura Grinton have enlarged their Densmore Drive home in anticipation of a new arrival! Brookfield Elementary School teachers Judy MacKenzie and Shelley O’Connell received their Master’s of Education degrees from St. F. X.
Speaking of babies – once again the Eagle was a bit behind the curve – but overjoyed to announce the birth of two daughters. Former Elks hockey star (and Don Fisher Construction employee) Ike Burgess and Megan had Sylvie in Old Barns, another grandchild for former Elks Coach Dan and Janet Burgess. Brookfield Curling Club members are taking turns cooing at members Steve and Courtney (Rutherford) Hanham’s baby, Calley Raelene Gail. Courtney is the daughter of SCHS grads Arlene (Deyarmond) and Layton Rutherford, the latter a member of Elks championship teams in Intermediate hockey and softball. Very recently, the delightful Corinna Upham gave birth to a son, Ryker; proud papa is Stanley Lentz – they live in the former Geordie Sutherland house in mid-town. All the best to these families on their new journeys!
Mabel and Sandy Barber vacationed in Costa Rica (before the earthquake); while Gwen Campbell went to Jamaica with gal-pals, then rode the rails to Montreal with hubby Brian. The Holland women – mother Barb and daughters Krista and Brette also went to Montreal for a Lady Gaga concert, leaving JC to fend for himself! Austin and Debbie Ross spent the U.S. Thanksgiving with her daughter Amanda in central Maine, and also took in the Festival of Lights in Boothbay. Dawn Carter- Henderson took hubby Pibby to Ireland to help celebrate her 50
th and to check out her ‘roots’. Krista McMullin returned home after spending the fall attending grandmother duties in Yellowknife and Vancouver and Terry Canning scurried out when he got the call for Grandpa chores.
A big thank you to all who organized the spectacular 22nd Annual Christmas House Tours. This event which brings many visitors to our community, shows off Brookfield in a splendid light, even in the absence of seasonal weather. Thanks to homeowners Muriel Smith, Josh and Rebecca Kolstee, Danica and Ryan Ellis, Julie Walters and Kraig MacKenzie, as well as the beautifully decorated Train Station and Knox United sanctuary. Likewise for the spectacular display of 100,000 poinsettias and other fabulous decorations at Forest Glen Greenhouses from the Thompson family, and those who fashioned the many crafts for the sale. Gratitude to the close to 200 visitors, ‘drivers’ and those who provided the post-tour feed! The Train Station Society served delicious Chicken dinners prior to the Tours each night. Perhaps the big winners were the families assisted by the Christmas Index program – numerous community-minded business, organizations, and individuals decorated trees, filled stockings, and /or provided financial support to those in need at this time – among the donors were: Cobequid Hills Apartments, Brookfield Elementary Home & School, Roop’s Esso/Tim Horton’s, Units 1,2,3 and 7 of the United Church Women (UCW), Brookfield Athletic Association, Brookfield Lumber Co., Fifty Shades of Hair (Lesley White-Best); Brookfield Middle Stewiacke United Youth Group, Knox Explorers, Red Hat Society, MacQuarries Pharmasave, Mario Baini’s Emporium, Brookfield Bakery/Hurricane Heidi’s Cafe, and several individuals. Kudos to the Brookfield Garden Club for adorning utility poles with wreaths for the holiday season. Last month the BES Home and School hung tributes to locals who served in World War II.

    Our condolences to Stephanie Fielding and Kari Lyn Furmidge; their Dad, Brian Blaikie passed away in Truro at 71. Franklin “Buck” Miller, who was very solid in the Brookfield hockey Elks net for the NS-PEI championship teams circa 1965-68, passed away in Fredericton. He was part of the large Miller family from Alton, several of who were involved in the Brookfield athletics. Matthew Lavers grandmother “Peg” Lavers, 101, died in Truro. BES teacher Sarah Topshee’s mother, Anna Thomas died in Truro, and former BES speech pathologist Gail Coldwell lost her dad, Donnie Frame. Christmas will be less cheery in these homes; we pass along our sympathies.

    Anne Janelle, accompanied by hubby James Hill, (with cameo from Birch hill native Nick Fisher) delighted a large crowd at the Marigold with her concert/CD release of her new album, “I Didn’t Want to Break It”. Perhaps the only things she/they broke were records for sustained applause, and/or hearts with the poignant tunes, all penned by Anne (three assists to James!). The album was recorded at their Crystal Lake Studio (in their eponymous – located home here in Brookfield). Seek the album out! The Brookfield Baptist Church did a marvelous job presenting the musical, “A Baby Changes Everything”. Some will remember Chris Crawford as the son of Nancy and Peter Crawford – they operated the Laundromat and ice cream parlour around the turn of the century where Reclaimed Cottage now is; Chris was cited, along with his partners in their architecture firm, receiving an award at Government House from the Lieutenant-Governor for their work on restoring a building dating to the 1800s in Saskatoon.
Lots of honours at South Colchester Academy – Art teacher Margaret Sadler contributed a chapter to the book ” Creative Dimensions of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century”, which featured authors from across the country, who share their knowledge and experience supporting creativity in a variety of educational settings. Her work was based on her M. Ed. thesis, regarding culturally responsive teaching and Aboriginal students in the visual arts classroom. Hayley Elliott (Kary, Theresa) received a full scholarship to attend the Campeche International Leadership Camp in Mexico; and Jorja Smith (Beth, Todd) was awarded same to go to the Encounters With Canada Leadership competition in Ottawa. Makayla Clarke, Grade 10 O2 SCA student, tied for first place in a horse-jumping event at the Royal Horse Show in Toronto. She and 22 year old horse Twisted sped over the 12 jumps in 23.1 seconds. Makayla polishes her skills under the tutelage of Danica Ellis at Horseplay Stables downtown. Taylor Lowe, another SCA student was first in her Holstein Intermediate category at the Royal Winter Fair.
SCA alumnus Cassandra Sears (Joyce, Luther) earned her Chartered Professional Accountant designation. This is a long, arduous task; well done. Cassandra – her late grandfather Art Sears, who served as the original Treasurer for the committee that founded the Sportsplex would be most proud! Both Senior Girls (Div. 2) and Boys (Div. 3) won Northumberland Region titles in volleyball and attended provincials. The girls were in Middleton, and included seniors Alysha MacSwain and Virginia Bellino Roci; and underclasswomen Madison Eichenberg, Mariah Hatfield, Jade MacDougall, Macey McBurnie, Hayley Fisher, Emily Kelly, Clarissa Pasion, Erica and Emma Fisher, and coaches Randy Kelly and June Fisher. The boys were coached by Paul Tufts, and included Luke Fisher, Riley MacLeod, Adrian Sheppard, Pablo Rodriguez, Cole Mockford, Jack Lewis, Jordan Crouse, Colton and Nigel Graham. Congratulations to Rob Adams’ Leadership Class for a bang-up job hosting the Boys Provincials – many favorable comments about the organization and the school came from visiting team members and fans – folks from Bridgetown, Liverpool, Halifax, Annapolis Royal, Cheticamp, Pomquet, Terre Noire/Margaree Valley, and champion Clare were effusive in their praise. Brookfield defended their title at the Sherbrooke Mens hockey Tournament – the talented squad featured Patrick Stewart, Jack Roop, Lee Nelson, Ryan Ellis, Troy Sutherland, Jamie Works, Bobby Sill, Charlie Fleming, James Rutherford, Mark Kennedy, Connor and Cole Baker, Tyler and Jeremy Medaglia with Robbie Cook behind the bench. They downed teams from Cape Breton, Pictou County and the host!
Great to see BMC-er Robert Putnam back on his feet at his Carter Rd home – he had open heart surgery to replace a leaky valve, as well as a bypass. His legion of friends and admirers are happy he is on the road to recovery. Martin Gomez of Hamilton Avenue survived a cardiac event, and had several stints inserted in his pumper. Former Sportsplex Director and hockey star Jeff Dickey is battling lymphoma, manifesting itself as a large tumour in his chest; treatments are ongoing, and we hope/pray for the best for the universally-liked “Big Man”. Cameron Fisher (Larry, Jennifer) and Myla Searle (Jenna, Mike) both are in casts after breaking limbs (arm, leg, respectively). Hopefully Santa brings better health to them all!
The 81st Annual Brookfield Elks Sports Draw was a success – the Brookfield Athletic Association thanks its numerous volunteers and supporters for all their work in ticket distribution/collection, the ticket sellers, and of course the buyers, Roop’s Esso for providing the centrally-located, and seemingly always open weighing facility! This is the BAA’s major fundraiser and enables that group to support numerous community activities including Minor and Adult Ball, Minor Hockey, Figure Skaters, Youth Volleyball and Golf, Curling, the Jr. B hockey Elks, Mixed Bowling, the Christmas Index program, Athletic Awards at SCA, and of course, maintaining Elk Park! The BAA looks forward to your support in 2018!  Grand Prize winners were: 2017 Jeep Wrangler – Steve Wood of Springhill; $5,000 Atlantic Superstore Gift Card – Raymond Rolfe of Tatamagouche; Shooting Party for 12 at Hnatiuk’s – Jeff Rushton from St. Margaret’s Bay; Inflatable Watercraft – Helen Burns of Kennetcook; and Pet Food for a Year – James Ritcey of River Philip. The hunt side of the contest saw some amazing deer registered – winners there were: Heaviest Buck – 270 lbs – Robert Falconer; Heaviest Doe  – 159 – Peter Rehburg; Ladies Buck – 201.5 – Kelly Countway ; Ladies Doe – 132.5 – Autumn Doucette; Bowhunter Buck – 220 – Shaun O’Hearn; Bowhunter Doe – 134 – Gary Robar;  Most Points – 34, and Widest Antler -27.5″ – Brett Hennebury; Longest Antler – 28″ -Darcy Blackburn, Stephen Rafuse.
Come and support the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association Phil Sears Friendship Tournament at the Sportsplex on December 28 and 29
th. This tournament is for 5 – 10 year old kids and they would love to see you there!
Sunday December 17 – the annual Food For the Spirit concert goes at 7 PM at Knox – it guarantees to fill you with Christmas spirit; feel free to bring along a donation for the Food Bank. All Around the Circle Senior’s Club will hold their Christmas luncheon at the Sportsplex at 12 noon on Tuesday December 12 – meal is at 12, with entertainment by Joanne Hatfield’s ukulele class. On Wednesday December 13, the students of Brookfield Elementary will perform their Christmas concert – the early elementary tykes hit the boards at 9:15; the older gang basks in the floodlights starting at 1:15. The Brookfield Curling Club welcomes players on a drop-in basis Wednesday mornings at 9:15 – dust off the broom and enjoy a game – you will be pleased with the environs and the camaraderie.

We wish all our readers, a very Merry Christmas, and the best for 2018!

The Eagle

Volume 29, Issue 3

The unseasonably mild (more than mild, warm!) weather has continued through the first seven plus weeks of autumn, and the Eagle has taken advantage, circling the village, and stopping to hear from locals as to the goings-on in our fair burg. Kathy Toole said she has never worked this late into the year at the Brookfield Golf Club, as men and women continue to chase their dimpled balls over the fairways, which have been kept in fantastic condition by proprietor Richard Sutherland and staff!

The Brookfield Men’s Club (BMC) had another good turnout at their October meeting, welcoming new member Rev. Mike W Henderson to their midst, and some ladies from the village, eager to hear the guest speaker. Evelyn Negus opined that the BMCers and guests were enthralled by the presentation from the Colchester Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre’s (CWRC) Brenda Boates, who told of the Hilden-based organization’s fine work, nursing many birds, including large raptors, and smaller, wild mammals back to health after they had been injured, orphaned, etc. Their aim is to enable the animals to make a healthy re-integration into the wild. Painstaking steps are taken to make them not become dependent on, or familiarized to, humans. They also provide education to youth groups, teaching them how to respect, and be safe around wild animals. Another initiative of the CWRC is to educate the public on the perils that lead-based ammunition and fishing tackle poses to fish, fowl, and mammals (think contaminated deer meat finding its way into homosapiens, where admittedly it is much less harmful there than to avian species); this is especially threatening to majestic aviators like eagles, hawks, and owls. Non-lead alternatives abound, so please consider when making your outfitting choices.  Former Brookfield Junior High teacher, Janet Maybee, gave a spell-binding talk to the crowd at Knox about the Halifax Explosion as the 100th anniversary of that disaster is three weeks away. Her research, writing, and book help resolve some inaccurate findings by the inquiry, and also shines a light on the remarkable assistance provided by Colchester residents. The November BMC meeting will see the Brookfield Fire and Emergency Services (BFES) host the gathering on Monday, November 20–all are welcome at the fire station for 7:30 pm.

A quick stop at Roop’s Esso, and Becky Wallace was effusive in her praise of the effort put forth on the Remembrance Day service at the Veterans’ Memorial. BMC-34 Bob Lawrence did his usual bang up organizing job, and a large crowd was on hand under a beautiful sky, albeit with a strong northwest wind. Veterans and Air Cadets from 569 Colonel G.N. Henderson Squadron marched, and Padres Eric MacKinnon and Mike Henderson led the service. Joanne Hatfield guided an adhoc band consisting of trumpets (mother-daughter Lori and Erica Nielsen), alto saxes (Ardith Ross, Anna Hamilton, Mike Henderson) trombone (Derek Jones) and flute (Shelley MacLeod). Lori and Erica were stellar on the Last Post and Reveille. A large number of memorial wreaths were laid, and the throng enjoyed a hot lunch afterwards at Knox church.

At the Brookfield Bakery, Troy Sutherland was aglow, telling of the massive bluefin tuna he helped reel in off Port Hood in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The marine leviathan checked in at 627 pounds, and took 3 hours to land, after towing the 44 foot boat at 2 knots! Also taking turns on the rod during the fight were Robbie Cooke, Adrian, Jeremy, and Tom Gloade. David “Spud” Stevenson and his wife, Susan, community electronic correspondent over many platforms, joined some BMCers for the tour of the work done upstream from the Highway 289 bridge on the Creamery Brook/Little River by the Cobequid Salmon Association. They have spent a ton of time and considerable funds to improve the habitat for fish, especially, but not limited to, salmon, in the hope they will increase the numbers returning to our pristine waterway. Rebar-reinforced digger logs to create pools, wing deflectors, and insertion of rocks and trees to foil bank erosion are some of their good works. Well done CSA!
Into Hair Studio 661 for a trimming of the Eagle’s not-yet balding, but silver-ish pate; owner Tonya Colpitts gushed about the new babies on Hamilton Avenue, Jamie Works and Mary Atkinson welcomed Nora Pauline; while over on Carter Road, Nora’s 3rd cousin, Iain Randall Roop was born to Leah and Jack Roop. Iain is the first grand-child for Wade and Nellie Densmore and great-grandson for Helen Densmore; other grand-mum Betty Roop has the drill down pat, as she basks in the glow of her 8th! Rollie Works also a happy grand-dad again. Alison (Johnson) and Vito Famiglietti had their first baby, Rocco, in Connecticut; grandparents Margie and Sid travelled to the Nutmeg State. Great grandmother Gwen Archibald is delighted. From Yellowknife comes word that Janelle (Canning) and Phil Lue were blessed with a baby girl, Pippa Anne. In Vancouver, Janelle’s sister, Joanna (Canning) and husband Ryan Stefani also welcomed a baby girl, Maddyn Marlene; doubly blessed grandparents are Terry Canning and Krista McMullin. Hopefully, down the road, these babes will be able to mark a milestone like Art and Jan Peck, who celebrated their 50
th wedding anniversary in October! Kathy (Jim’s spouse) Benvie retired from senior sales and HR positions with Dow Chemical in Alberta. Ruth Matheson, one of the founding members of BAERS (Brookfield Area Emergency Response System), was awarded an Honorary Membership in the Brookfield Fire and Emergency Service, upon her retirement from active duty. Congratulations to all!

Juillene Taylor and Celia Fisher at the Pharmasave advised that some of our citizens required hospitalization. They asked our readers to pass along Get Well wishes to Rose Busby, Marg Osborne, Susanne Harrison, Rollie Works, Ron Morrell, Tony Matheson, Dave Wilson, and Helen Densmore. They were happy to say that Mark Dean was home from Florida for a visit; likewise, Sarah Densmore from BC, and from Alberta, Peggy (Cooke) Underwood and Jared Stewart. Wendi (Campbell) and Kelly Grant were home from BC for her father Gord’s funeral. We extend a warm Brookfield welcome to Kyle and Megan Morgan, who have moved into the former Elliot home, immediately adjacent to the golf course. Both Kyle and Megan are engineers, and he will partner with his uncle Earl (reportedly now eligible for his pension!) at Brookfield Concrete Products.

A stop at South Colchester Academy where staff were busy erecting Northumberland Regional Championship banners won by both Senior Girls and Boys soccer teams! The boys, under Coach Chris Lindsay, dispatched Springhill High 3-0; team members are Will Dingle, Alex Currie, Quinton Collins, Luke Fisher, Andrew Ellis, Suphi Goktug Cecen, Nigel Graham, Jack Lewis, Braiden Lunn, Riley Fisher, Riley MacLeod, Nicolo Mazzoni, Arin Mizrak, Dawson Perrin, Alex Zhou, and brother acts Eric and Jon MacMillan and Will and Evan McNea. The Girls team, under the direction of Coach Marilyn Bruce, bounced Pugwash High 2-0. Squad members are Veronica Hawkes, Alysha MacSwain, Laura Graham, Jess Laverty, Bailey Crowe, Vittoria Duraes Del Padre, Hayley Elliot, Emma Fisher, Faith Hoyt, Jade MacDougall, Josie Mason, Ainsley McCoul, Maya Clapperton, Madeline Mercer, Julia Verboom, Mishelle Villarruel, and the indomitable Sarah Kennedy. Both teams hosted qualifiers here, but were unable to advance to provincials, the girls losing on penalty kicks to Central Kings. The SCA Senior Boys volleyball team, guided by Coach Paul Tufts won the Pomquet Invitational tournament. Watch for big things from the Wolves volleyball squads this month in Regionals and hopefully, provincials– which the Boys team will host here on December 1-2 – plan to attend. Other SCA/SCHS alumni earning plaudits were Mitchell Johnston (Willy, Kathy of Bell Rd.) who was presented with the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural Legacy Award recognizing a growing enterprise for his 360°, a mobile service for cleaning compost bins and commercial dumpsters. The Chamber also presented Truro Agromart (owners/operators Tim and Sandra Fisher); with their AgriFoods Award, whereby principles of running a successful agricultural operation are used to result in a thriving and environmentally friendly endeavour. Kudos also to dedicated O2 teacher Jody Arenburg, who arranged a visit to SCA of the ” Million Dollar Bus” (see online for more details of that unique concept). Lyle Carter did the village proud with a wonderful segment touching on Brookfield’s storied athletic history on the nationally televised “Hometown Heroes” NHL broadcast.  Nancy Vantassell has kept people passing her home on Truck 2 with the ever-changing garb on the mannequin at the end of her driveway – currently a revered soldier – well done!

Canada Post operative Krista Locke was pleased the Municipality has completed Phase 1 of the 289 West sidewalk replacement in front of the Post Office; the remaining work to the train tracks will be done in 2018. Likewise, the Carter Road sidewalk, is delayed until 2018.

We share sad news of the passing of several people with Brookfield connections. These include Anne Ihasz in Metro, wife of former Knox spiritual leader Rev. Vince; ‘Ross’ Kennedy, brother to Laurie, Orland, Avis, and Wenda; Gordie Campbell of Hamilton Avenue; in Truro, Pat Legge’s father, Donnie; in Middle Stewiacke, Bobby Newcombe Sr., father of Janet and Amy Newcombe and Trista Hamilton, and husband to Juanita Hamilton. Pat Archibald’s mother Helen, mother-in-law to Stephanie (Fisher); Jason Wybenga (Milton, Alice), and Glen Thompson’s wife, Helen, both of Shortts Lake passed. Sylvia Pickles, sister-in-law to BES cook Sharon Dunlap; Walter Hutchinson, former Truro town councillor, and brother to John, and father of Robbie; Sadie (Dartt) McNutt passed away in Ontario; she was the widow of Buck McNutt, and sister to Gwen Archibald and Elva Jeffers. We extend condolences to those who lost loved ones.
The Eagle wishes to thank Doady Hazelton and Kathleen Ernst, both of whom made donations to help defray our publishing expenses–it is most appreciated! The Home and School at Brookfield Elementary School has tickets available at MacQuarries– the tickets are $20 – $10 goes to H & S, the other $10 goes to build the prize pot which consists of gift cards for MacQuarries, Sobeys, and other merchants. Draw date is December 12.
Travelers included Kathy and Dan Dean, who went to Washington, DC, and also stopped in Chocolate-town USA – Hershey, Pa. to see nephew Zach skating with the AHL’s Bears. Pibb Henderson visited brother Robert and kids in Winnipeg, then went on to Vancouver to see Julie Hsu and family. Chipper and Lori VanTassell, and her son Mitch White met Robbie Densmore in Germany, and toured western Europe. Susan MacDonald and Darrell Toole’s partner, Denise Mitchell-West enjoyed a Rhine River cruise, and also made stops in Brugge and Paris. Jim Dickie and Marilyn ‘Cheek’ Totten went to the Jersey swamps along with Jim’s nephews Angus and Geordie Dickey, and Duncan Retson and Andrea Budgell and watched the New York Jets bounce the Atlanta Falcons in an NFL tilt played in a downpour.  Kitty McMullin was in Arizona visiting her son and relatives. Jack Roop also was in the desert (Las Vegas) on Tim Hortons business.
2016-17 BMC-er of the Year Don Harvey has been kept extremely busy updating the events sign at the corner. When talking with the Eagle, he was scratching his head (hopefully avoiding splinters!), trying to figure out how to get all the news posted. The Eagle offers a hand. The next
Orientation session, which is required of the adult public to make use of the Fitness Centre at SCA, will be held Wednesday November 15, at 6 PM. It only takes an hour, and grants you the ability to use, at no cost, the terrific facility. You must pre-register by calling 897-3185 or e-mail . After November, the next one is January 10th, so don’t wait!

The 22nd annual Christmas House Tours and Festival of Trees and Stockings are set for November 24-25, 6-9 PM. Stops on this year’s tour will include the Train Station, Knox Church, Kraig & Julie MacKenzie, Muriel Smith, Danica & Ryan Ellis and Becky & Josh Kolstee, and the Forest Glen Greenhouses. The $10 ticket includes a complimentary luncheon at Knox, as well as the Craft Sale which takes place from 7:30-9:30 both nights. Free transportation is proved from Knox church. The wonderfully decorated trees and stockings see proceeds go to the Christmas Index program. Tickets are available at MacQuarries in Brookfield and Truro, at Knox, or from Betty Dickie (673-2582). The Open House at Forest Glen Greenhouses, with their unbelievable displays of thousands of poinsettias, and immaculately decorated trees, runs in conjunction with the House Tours. Note – Greenhouse visits are Friday 1 – 4:30; Saturday 10 – 4:30; Sunday 1 – 4:30. The Train Station Historical Society will host dinners at Knox both Friday and Saturday at 4:30 PM; $10 for adults, $5 under 12; tickets available from Muriel Smith (673-2333). There will be a Before Monday concert at Knox on November 18 at 7 PM, with a freewill offering; this musical group is developing a dedicated following! All Around the Circle will host their monthly meeting and luncheon on Tuesday November 21; doors open at 11:30, meal at 12. Card parties (Crib, 45s) at the Seniors Lounge go every Wednesday night at 7:30. $2 entry fee and all are welcome. The SCA Grad Auction, the primary fundraiser for the class of 2018, goes on November 21st. Viewing in the auditorium from 6 – 7; auction starts at 7pm. The Mission & Outreach Seminar Series (MOSS) presents Human Rights in Your Daily Life on Tuesday, November 21st, 7:30 pm at Knox. Always informative and all are welcome!

The Brookfield Elks Sportsman’s Contest Grand Prize winners will be drawn on November 13 at 5:30 on Cat Country radio; check the BAA website ( brookfieldathleticassociation.ca) for a list of winners. The hunting portion of the contest, now incredibly in its’ 81st year, is ongoing. Heaviest buck to date is 257 pounds; the largest doe checked in so far is 157 pounds. The weekly BAA hockey pools are ongoing; pick up your ticket at Roop’s Esso or online-only $2 and you are helping provide much-needed support for recreation and athletics in the area. The Brookfield Elementary School [BES] Christmas concerts will be held on December 13th; early elementary at 9:15am; upper elementary at 1:15. Please note the times as there will not be an evening show. The eagerly anticipated ‘Food for the Spirit’ concert will be Sunday, December 17 at 7 PM.

See you at the BMC on November 20, 7:30 PM.  

The Eagle

Check our website for more community activities: http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca

October 2017
Volume 29, Issue 2

Incoming Brookfield Men’s Club (BMC) President Jim Feener sailed through the opening meeting in September, and the clubmen were most appreciative of master competitive marksman Paul Rodd’s presentation. It was enlightening, and Paul talked about the dedication and thousands of hours at practice that has seen him shoot at the world-renowned Bislet competition in England. Jim thanked outgoing President Donald “Pibb” Henderson for his fine work guiding the BMC the past two years. The group will re-convene on Monday, October 15, 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. The meeting will feature a presentation from the Cobequid Wildlife rehabilitation Centre. All are welcome to attend.

Mike Henderson has been elevated in the United Church hierarchy, and moved into the Manse! No that is not a mis-print-the long-time BMC-er did not attend Divinity School, but Knox’ new Minister is the Rev. Mike Henderson, most recently of the Upper Musquodoboit Charge. We welcome the Scotsburn, Pictou County native to Brookfield, and wish him the best with his flocks here and in Middle Stewiacke! Audrey MacDonald hosted a “Tent City” in her backyard this summer as her five adult offspring, spouses, grand-kids, and great-grand-kids visited during Home Coming time. Much merriment ensued. Debbie Ross’s daughter and friend Patrick came from Auburn, Maine to visit her and Austin, and tour the Annapolis Valley. Mac Campbell was home from Ottawa for Bomber’s 65th birthday. Wendi (Campbell) Grant was home from B.C. to spend time with Gord and her brothers. Welcome Mike, Elly, Dakota and Dominik Legere – they have moved in to the former Winter’s house on Elm Street. Nice to see Ivy Haasen and her sister-in-law Hendrika here from Northern Ontario to visit Ivy’s mother Edna Graham. The Eagle also wishes to thank Edna for her donation to the cause; others have asked about mailing same–they can be sent to BMC Eagle, c/o Treasurer Robert Putnam, 242 Carter Rd, Brookfield, NS B0N 1C0. The BMC also want to thank Forest Glen Greenhouses and the Brookfield Garden Club for their floral contributions, which beautified the BMC’s Ed Creelman Park, and the lot at the corner this summer – what an eyeful! While at it we tip our cap to the Park Committee–volunteers included Bob Lawrence, Herb MacFarlane, Terry and Pibb Henderson, Don Harvey, Austin Ross, Gerry Buott, Charlie Burnett, Win, John, and Gab Matheson, and also to summer student Mary Jane Fisher who diligently staffed the Train Station and Park. Well done all!

The September issue was replete, so some news was held back to this issue. Lots of news from the golf world – Steve Locke burnished his reputation by winning the prestigious Nova Scotia Senior Championship, copping the crown by 5 strokes at the Truro GC over a strong field! This burnished his reputation as one who rises to the occasion, and plays his best golf when it means the most. By virtue of this, he led the Nova Scotia team to the Canadian Senior Championships in suburban Montreal, where after a rocky start, he fired the low round of Day 2 of the event (70), which he needed to make the cut by a stroke. He followed up with two more rounds in the 70s–a good showing. At the Brookfield Golf Club, Champions were – Men’s – Mike Henderson; Women’s – JoAnne MacNeil; Juniors – Austin McBurnie, Seniors – Men – Robert Putnam, Women – Kate Coulter; Super Seniors – Men – Cory Laffin , Women – Annie Woodworth. Dave Wright won the Club Match Play title. Brookfield Golf Club trounced Fox Hollow GC (19.5 – 4.5) to re-take the Shaw Cup, evening the overall series 9-9-1. Winning team members were Darrell Penney, Ted Sodero, Mike Penny, Patrick Stewart, Darren Peterson, Dave Wright, Derek Meek, Robert Putnam, Cory and Ryan Sutherland, and Dane and Mike Henderson. Cody Locke earned his CPGA Professional’s card, and competed in some Atlantic PGA tournaments — those events are thick with golfers with Brookfield connections–also competing for pro cash with Cody are Alex Jewers, Tanner Gayton, and Brian Affleck (the latter finished second in this year’s APGA standings). The South Colchester Academy Golf Team, led by Coach Kelly Spencer, turned heads at the Northumberland Regionals in Truro. Austin McBurnie tied for low score in the field with 75, Matt Murphy was solid with 86, and neophyte linksman Ben Fraser posted a remarkable 97. After playing his first 3 holes in 9 over par, the savvy Grade 10 student, playing in his first competitive event, re-grouped, and allowed the team to finish 3rd, and advance to the Provincial Finals at Paragon GC. There, McBurnie put up another sparkling 75 – this one good enough to make him NS High School Champion – awesome!! The Junior High Regionals were contested at Mountain GC, and the team of Camden Weatherbee, Ryan Searle, and Tristen Sutherland made a good showing, auguring a bright future for SCA golf!

The Brookfield Elks recently opened their 20th season in the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League- lots of special activities are planned in their anniversary season! On October 5th at their home opener, they paid tribute to long-time members of their organization, Susie Smith and Betty Carter, both of whom passed away in the off-season. These two were of tremendous service to the club. On October 12th, the Elks will mark their 20th anniversary in the NSJHL. On October 19th, the Brookfield Athletic Association/Elks will recognize the East Hants Mastodons in a pre-game ceremony, honoring their Canadian Senior Softball Championship, which was bolstered by several past and current Elks. The Elks are in action most every Thursday night, 7:30 starts at the Sportsplex. Coach Shane Robar promises an exciting brand of hockey–drop in and support the Elks. Call 673-2263 if you want more information. On Sunday October 15, locals can get to see high-level University Volleyball, as the Mount Allison U. Mounties come to Brookfield to take on the Metro Senior All-Stars, featuring, among others, former University All-Stars Lauren Sears and Caila Henderson. Game time is 1 PM; stop in and check it out – you will leave wowed by the skill and athleticism.

Daniel Patton and Kyle Henderson motored to Montreal to take in a skateboard extravaganza. Caila Henderson and beau Robbie Lebans toured London and Barcelona. Charlie and Janet Burnett and Robert and Dorene Matheson went to Nashville, and Jeff and Misti Campbell took a Trans Atlantic and Mediterranean cruise. Dave Wilson went to Florida to help with power restoration. Petra Stewart and Cathy Graham went to Toronto, Brian and Gwen Campbell to Ottawa, and Beth Maguire to Calgary. Lori Nielsen and 4 friends spent 5 days cycling around Lac St Jean, Quebec. The Twisted (Campbell) Sisters toured Grand Manan Island. Brailynn Colpitts (Tonya, Chris) has moved to western Canada.

A big loss to the community occurred with the passing of Ron Creelman, the quiet, understated, but very community minded owner of the Brookfield Lumber Company. He leaves wife Susan, daughters Jan and Margo and their families (six grandchildren), sister Lynne Kennedy. Mary MacDougall’s mother, Peggy Lawson, of Saint John, and most recently Hilden, passed away. Scott Isenor of Carroll’s Corner, died at Elk Court; and Phyllis MacNeill, the very kind soul and former resident of Middle Stewiacke went to her reward. David Smith’s father Foster died in Truro. Krista Caines’ father, Graham Henry passed. Tragically, Susie (Hill) Butlin, Bev Robert’s sister, died in Tatamagouche, and RCMP Cpl. Frank Deschenes was killed when struck by a vehicle during a roadside stop near Memramcook, N.B. Deschenes is remembered locally for using his police cruiser to push a 26 year old woman’s damaged car off the Trunk 2 railroad crossing at the south end of the village, mere seconds before a train thundered through, likely saving her life. We offer sympathies to all who lost loved ones.

Jessica and Daniel Ash have a beautiful baby girl, Anna. A grand-daughter for Rod and Lori Nielsen, as well as Sherry Ellis and Ken Slauenwhite (Alton) and Steve and Laura Ash (Stewiacke), and a great-granddaughter for Velma Fisher. Exciting times at their home in Truro Heights!

Crystal Lake Drive’s Anne Janelle has been nominated for a Nova Scotia Music Award for Folk Recording of the Year–the ceremony is in Truro in November. A big round of applause for the crew who welcomed the National Kids for Cancer Ride to Brookfield. Some 39 cyclists, doing 220 km/day, received a terrific lunch at the Fire Station, courtesy of Krista McMullin, Patsy McCallum, Betty Roop, Donna Matheson and others. Their Brookfield stop was made more memorable as Autaum (Stone) Marshall had her class at Brookfield Elementary research the cyclists, and greet them with on-point references, posters, and the like. Not hard to see why they plan a Brookfield stop! The group has raised over $900,000 this year. The Terry Fox Run was another big success on a beautiful day at Carter Falls. Scores of volunteers made things run smoothly, at the event, as well as the Bar-B-Q and musical presentation afterwards. Thanks so much to all who do such a terrific job. This year the committee raised $28,000 for cancer research. Special thanks to the Pearl Cameron family, Wayne Woolfit, Memorial Sign donors, and Lafarge, all for their generous donations.

Ill health/maladies slowed/hospitalized some, including Todd Boyd, Charlie Burnett, Gordie Campbell, Robert Putnam, Judy and Win Matheson. We hope most are feeling better by the time you read this.

The 81st Annual Brookfield Elks Sports Draw and Hunt Contest is in full swing. Already archers and muzzle-loaders have weighed in deer at the convenient scales (space kindly provided by Roop’s Esso). Make sure you get your tickets soon –the Grand Prize is a 2017 Jeep Wrangler from Blaikies. Other terrific prizes are $5000 in gift cards from Atlantic Superstore, a shooting package for 12 at Hnatiuk’s Range, an inflatable dinghy, and pet food for a year ($790 value) from Feed ‘n’ Needs! The draw will be done on November 13 on Cat Country Radio 99.5 FM. Tickets are available at retail outlets everywhere, or you can purchase on line at http://www.brookfieldathleticassociation.ca Your support of this contest ensures the BAA can continue to provide assistance to boys and girls of all ages in sporting activities in our area! Can you lend a hand for 3 hours on Saturday October 14, from 9 until noon to help beautify our village? The BMC will meet at the Fire Hall, and then do their semi-annual “Adopt-a-Highway cleaning of Carter and Whidden Roads–we hope you can help. The Brookfield Curling Club will have their Open House the week of October 23-29. Instruction and equipment are provided at no cost –please come out and ‘test drive’ this great game– fun, fellowship, exercise, and various levels of competition for all ages. If some balky joints or muscles may hinder you, Stick curling is embraced by many, and allows you to play, so you can stay in the game! Monday 23rd – Friday 27th 7-9 PM; Saturday – Sunday {28 & 29} from 1-3 PM. Azuline Duv is a duo comprised of Sara Graficante on flute and Emma Rush on guitar, who have performed across North and South America, Europe and Asia–and they are coming to Brookfield on Sunday November 5 at 2 PM at Knox Church. Their show is a favourite of all audiences, combining lyrical sensitivity with awesome technique in a compelling and unusual presentation. $15 adults, $5 for students- see you there! The ice is in at the Sportsplex — let’s make use of this great facility– you can book ice time, or find out what activities are of interest/available to you by calling 673-2063, or check on line at http://www.colchesterrfa.ca

Did you know that the Fitness Centre at South Colchester Academy is open to the adult public, free of charge, for our residents to use a fully-equipped gym for workouts?!? This is a joint effort of SCA Administration, the School Advisory Council, the CCRSB, and the County’s Recreation Department. All that is required is that users must attend a one hour Orientation session to become familiar with the equipment, and how to safely use it, and sign a waiver to become a registered attendee. A monitor is on hand to ensure procedures are followed, and to provide some assistance with the facility. Gym hours are Monday to Friday, 5:30 – 8:00 PM. Check colchester.ca/recreation, or the community web or FaceBook page for the time of the next orientation session, likely before the end of October.

Hungry ?? Knox Church will host their Turkey Supper on Saturday October 28, 4:30-6:30. Eat in or take out available. All Around the Circle Seniors Club will hold their monthly luncheon on Tuesday October 17 – doors open at 11:30, meal at 12 noon. $7 for members, $9 for others. There will be a Hallowe’en Dance at the Curling club on October 28, featuring Glenn Bob & the Boot. The duo has been well received at earlier dances. Costumes encouraged, but not required. Tickets are $10 at Roop’s Esso, $15 at the door. The BMC will provide a street patrol on Hallowe’en [Oct 31]. Citizens wishing to help, (which mostly involves telling yarns!) can meet at Knox 8:30 -10:30. There will be a Remembrance Day Service at the Memorial in front of the Fire Station on Saturday, November 11, beginning at 10:45 AM. If you wish to arrange to lay a wreath, or otherwise take part in the service, please contact Bob Lawrence at 673-2022 or e-mail bobjeanlawrence@gmail.com. The ever-popular Christmas House Tours are slated for November 24th & 25th – watch for more details in the November issue!
If you are between the ages of 12-18 and would like a challenge or a place to take part in fun activities, 569 Colonel G.N Henderson Brookfield Air Cadet Squadron would be the place to go. There is no cost to join cadets! A uniform is issued to each and every cadet, free of charge, and cadets get the opportunity of participating in activities such as; Gliding/Power Familiarization, Outdoor Survival Exercises, Marksmanship, Biathlon, Effective Speaking, Summer Training, Pilot Training and much more. If you are interested in joining the program, please feel free to come visit. We parade from 6:30-9:15pm every Tuesday night at the Brookfield Elementary School. For more information email 569air@cadets.gc.ca

The Mission and Outreach Seminar Series (MOSS) will host a session on “Law and the Family” with speakers from Central Nova Women’s Resources Centre on October 24th, 7:30 pm at Knox Hall – all welcome.

The Eagle
Check our website for more community activities: http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca

The fabulous summer of 2017 is fast winding down, we hope most of our readers and residents enjoyed the awesome season since the Eagle last flew in May. The Brookfield Mens Club had a busy summer, assisting at many community events; incoming President Jim Feener will welcome the troop (and any newcomers) at the Fire station on Monday, September 18, 7:30 PM to kick off the BMC’s 81st season. Sharpshooter extraordinaire Paul Rodd will talk on the marksmanship competitions he has entered. All are welcome!
Thanks to all who purchased The Eagle’s Flight II; the tome comprising all editions from 1982-2017. Some 60 copies were ordered; we hope the readers are pleased. They are sold out, but if anyone wants info on obtaining one, please contact Putty at contact
There was no end to the merriment and celebrations in the village this summer, as Canada marked 150 years as a nation. Though the Canada Day festivities were chased inside by threatening skies, the curling rink proved an excellent venue. Cherry Lane and the Betts-Sanford-Blackmore trio dispensed great tunes, the BMC BBQ was tasty, and the Syrian food sampling was enjoyed by many. The Train Station coordinated a 2 week long ‘Historical Scavenger Hunt”, in which many participated, and Jean Hamilton composed a song for the occasion. Cherry Lane and the throng sang the world premiere of “There’s a Little Town Called Brookfield”, with the appropriate chorus of ‘Where everyone’s a Volunteer’! Coming Home to Brookfield (CHB) was another 9 action-packed days – space and a faulty memory, mean some events will be missed, but most events were very well attended, including the ATV rally, Street Parade, Joyful Yoga at the Lake, BMC and MacQuarrie’s BBQs, Farmers Market, Skateboard demo, Pie Eating Contest, campfire/sing-song, the Domino Man’s 12,000 unit spectacular, Art Show, Herb’s songs, Breakfast at the Lake, Boat tours, Bike Hike, Fun Runs, Brookfield’s ‘Forgotten Father of Confederation’ and Terry Henderson, David and Lyle Carter’s much-enjoyed Brookfield’s Hockey History, outdoor church services at the lake and Carter House, an amazing Garden Party at Monk’s, Golf Scramble, Teddy Bear picnic, Bountiful Brookfield Blooms, Coffee House, Kids Sports Day,Tours – Bakery, Reclaimed Cottage (under new owner Laurie Hutchison), and the Fire Department, Horse & Wagon Rides, Slippery Slides, Horse Stable Visits, Ball Hockey with NHLer Zach Sill, a spectacular Brookfield Athletic Association Whing Ding and Fireworks display, and others. Another great CHB; we thank the hard-working committee, who in turn are so grateful to their sponsors and supporters (listed on brochure on line), as well as BFES, SCA, the Sportsplex, churches, BAA, B Garden Club, Businesses, BMC, Ed Creelman Park, Train Station Society, Lafarge, Shortts Lake, and the HUNDREDS of volunteers and participants. Next year’s dates are July 20 -29, with the Whing Ding July 27-28, 2018.
The BMC-sponsored Col. G. N. Henderson 569 Air Cadet Squadron marked 64 years with their Annual Review at the Sportsplex before a good crowd. CO Capt. Andrew Tattrie presided; major award winners were F. Sgt Maggie Myers – Spirit of 569, and Garth Decker awards; WOII Brookes Woodworth was named winner of the Col. G. N. Henderson and Lord Strathcona Medal; F. Sgt Will McNea won the Long Service Award; Sgt. Alex Zhou won the Royal Canadian Legion Award; F. Sgt Travis White won the Cadet Choice award,Cpl Alyssa Rice was Top 2nd Year Cadet, and Cpl. Joe Ryan was Top Junior Marksman. The BMC is delighted to sponsor the squadron, and encourages any 12 – 18 year old to check out this great organization at their splendid training facility at Brookfield Elementary School on Tuesday evenings.Principal Marilyn Bruce oversaw the June graduation ceremony at South Colchester Academy – among the award winners (with their post-secondary choice in brackets) were – (Dalhousie) Chloe Bowers, Colton Cleveland, Emily Melvin, Cindy McCulloch, Emily McEwen; (Dal AC) – Hannah Fisher, Hayley Fulton, Luke MacMillan, Bryanna Richardson; (Mt.St.Vincent)- Olivia Hernden; (StFX) – Lauren Leedham; (STU) – Carly Mason; (UPEI) – Jessica Mattinson; (Acadia) – Shayne Stoodley, Beth O’Connell; (SMU) – Melody Sears; (UNB) – Camryn Smith; and Brent Walters. Luke MacMillan (Ed, Wilma of Shortts Lake) was QE II Medal winner for superior academic achievement and community involvement – the talented Luke was a league champion with the Truro Jr A Bearcats and on his soccer club! Carly Mason won the Governor General Academic medal for highest average in Gr 11-12 classes. Grade 11s Luke Fisher (Sandra, Tim of Mid. Stewiacke) and Marika Schenkels (Frank, Luanne of Shortts Lake) won Lieutenant Governor’s Medals for academic achievement and community participation. University grads included Tiffany MacDonald (Kathy, Willie] who left St FX with her B.Ed., and Alexandra Fisher (Yvonne, David, proud grandmother Helen) who won 1st Class Honours with her B.Sc (Psychology) at Mount Allison.
The East Hants Mastodons, a collection of talent from the League that operates out of Elk Park, defeated Newfoundland 6-5 to win the Canadian Senior Mens Fastball Championship in Saskatoon, reprising the Elks 1980 title there! Locals Patrick Stewart (1B), Coby Crowell (OF), Jay Duffy (2B), and Elks Jason Sanford (C), Donnelly Archibald (P), supported Head Coach, and longtime Elks shortstop, Chris Hopewell. Current Elks leader Mike Wood was Assistant Coach. Duffy and Stewart both had several big hits! The Elks, Colchester Royals, and the Canada Games team will vie for the league championship Sept16-17 in St. Croix.
Sadly, many loved ones passed away – Eloise Yorke…Sylvia Carter, who along with her late running mate, Vi Stewart, brought so much fun to the old Co-op store…Pleasant Valley’s Glen MacKenzie husband of BES teacher Judy…Brentwood Flyers hockey leader Vic DeBay…Shaunticy Smith…Clare Hughes…Jessie Cornelius’ sister, Margie Nichols….larger-than-life forester/dog trainer Harry Mowatt…Tom White’s brother, Toby…Lauren and Lynda Sandmo’s step-father, Allan Lynch in North River…Sherry Heron’s mother Diane Pyke in Valley…Eva Fortune’s mum, Audrey McManus…Shirley Harrison’s brother Gerald Croft…tragically at 47, Jonathan Kierstead, Gail’s husband, and Dad to Tessa, Mac, and Jake and son to Emily…Shelley Fisher’s Dad, Wyman Yuill…curling/sports lover John Clark, Jr., brother to Greg, George, Richard, and the late Pete…popular longtime Bfld Curling Club member, Earl McCurdy of Lantz…in Ontario, Wilfred Ross’ wife, Marilyn…former slugging Elkette, and devoted supporter of Jr. Elks hockey, Betty Carter…Wade Smith, 50, Principal of Citadel High and brother of former Elk Mark…Woody Graham, brother to Bev Sears, and Grandad to Brittanie MacPhee, Petra Stewart, Kaleigh Queripel and others…former Brentwood resident Jack Murphy, hubby to Leona (Lindsay)…Reta Nelson, Onslow/Shortts Lake, wife of 62 years to Brent….Sports Hall of Famer, and longtime Elkettes beloved Manager, Audrey Carter…another Hall of Fame inductee, Jans (Wilson) Henderson, Halifax/Shortts Lake – a terrific athlete (tennis, basketball, swimming, badminton, track, ice and field hockey), and an even better person…in Middle Musquodoboit, outstanding educator and coach Tom Doucette, and Roy Hartlin, Lisa’s Dad. We offer condolences.
Nice to see here – Jack and Carol Campbell from Leeds, UK…. Don Murray’s (Emily Kierstead) family from Vienna…Greg and Bert McDonald and families at Marian’s…Sheryl MacFarlane, Krista Tucker and family, Heather and Greg Lowen and family visiting Gail and family, and Herb and Betty…Julie Hsu and kids, as well as big brother Robert, were at Terry and Mary Henderson’s….Sherry, Jay Ovsenny and kids at Betty Roop’s…Jeff and Marnie Smith and their two girls from Calgary to Linda and Vic Penny’s…James and Laura Carter and girls at Lyle and Susan’s…also from Wild Rose country, Bruce, Mary, Andrew and Spencer Dickie at Betty and Victor’s, and Herk Sutherland at Edna’s…Maxine and Chip Monk’s daughter Jeanette , hubby, and kids Matthew and Charlotte came to Burrows Drive from Ontario…Joanna Stefani and Janelle Canning-Lue and kids came to Terry and Krista’s – looks like both will be adding to their families soon! Siblings Brandi (Calgary) and B J Sutherland and family were home from Indiana, Devin Cole and son Ethan came from Alberta to Sherry’s, likewise Jim, Kathy, and Jason Benvie. Sibs Mark and Jill Dean were back to Dan and Kathy’s. Chiropractor Michelle MacDonald (Mike, Susan) moved back from the Big Smoke, and has opened a practise in HRM…Charlie and Gloria Joyce sold their homestead to family and will remain with Terri and Rick Rayner the new owners. Lucas Huybers and Kristen MacCallum have moved into the house next to Audrey MacDonald. Duncan Retson and his spouse Andrea Budgell, have bought a house in Halifax, and have re-located from Ottawa. Duncan is with the Atlantic Division of Public Services and Procurement Canada, and Andrea is with Health Canada.
Danika Nelson was not only a very polished MC at the Fire Services Awards Banquet, she was cited as both Most Improved, and Junior Firefighter of the Year – well done! Brent Fisher and Jason Gerrior were co-winners of Officer of the Year, and Jake Malloy was Firefighter of the Year. Charlie Burnett and Herb MacFarlane were recognized for 50 years service to the department, and Rollie Works marked 25 years. At the Provincial High School Track and Field competition, SCA Special Athletes dominated – Darcy Fisher showed the field her heels, winning gold in Junior girls 100m, Long Jump, and Shot Put. Mitchell Stewart was 2nd in Long Jump, 3rd in Shot in Junior Boys, and Jason Hicks was first in 100m, 2nd in L Jump, and Shot in Senior Boys. Elektra Express, the Danica (Cooke) Ellis – owned, Ryan Ellis-driven pacer set a Truro Raceway record for 3 year old pacing fillies in a scalding 1:55.4! The horse was born and bred at Danica’s Horseplay Stables. Tyler Medaglia has had a good year on the Pro Motocross circuit, including a good showing at the Nationals event held here. Tyler will represent Canada at the MotoX of Nations in England at end of September. Susan Stevenson’s cousin Andrew Carter (son of Gerry and Joan) was named Midwest Coach of the Year for his work with the University of Iowa Womens’ Rowing team. The Canada Games boys fastpitch team turned heads in Manitoba, finishing with an impressive 8-4 mark – the team featured 7 locals (see May edition). The Andrew Sears co-coached Colchester Royals finished a strong 4th in the Canadian U-18 softball competition in PEI. Wolves Evan McNea, Carson Lanceleve, Keegan Crowell and Rowan Sears played, and shortstop Sears attended the prestigious Canadian Junior (U-19 team) training camp, and made the team – he will be the next Elk to play for the national team! Local soccer teams won provincial titles – Boys U-17 had Riley MacLeod, Cam DeGroote, and Michael Adams; the Girls U-21 title team featured former Wolves Rebecca Rankine, Rachel Sears, and Karlee Burgess. The Girls U-17 team, featuring Alysha MacSwain, also won NS honours! The renascent BAA Elks Minor Ball program had a spectacular year, with over 100 kids playing 3 nights a week at Elk Park. Two U-12 teams attended provincials, and the U-10 team won silver medals – that squad had Emily Gates, Cohen Mingo, Kaila Kolstee, Kenzie Boyd, Myla Searle, Matthew O’Hara, Mattie Toole, Ella Tapper, Rylan and Raya Sutherland, Broden and Rigby VanTassell, Noah and Cameron Lemon playing for Coaches Brad Sutherland, Brookes and Nancy VanTassell. The SCA Wolves boys fastpitch team defended the NS High School fastpitch title with a thrilling extra-inning victory over Avonview High School at Elk Park. Coach Andrew Sears, assisted by Evan Cates, led Keegan Crowell, Rowan Sears, Ethan Densmore, Carson Lanceleve, Evan McNea, Luke Fisher, Ben Fraser, Jack Lewis, Mitchell Miller, Logan Beaton, Riley Martell, Colton Graham, Riley MacLeod, Austin Eisnor, and MacKenzie Ashford. Sadly, the NSAAF has announced this likely is the final year there will be fastpitch championship as not enough schools contesting!!?!
Shirley Fleming and Gerry Brine were both laid up with hip troubles; Judy Matheson and Chris Bernard had knee operations. Others requiring care were Mike Watson, Reg Smith, Gord Campbell, Hugh Carter, Kevin MacKenzie, Marg Osborne, Mark Hamilton, Fulton Lynds, and Dale Fisher, who is recovering from nasty injuries in a fall. We wish them a return to health.
What is a summer without weddings and babies?! Agreeing to matrimonial terms were Isaac Benvie and Carolyn Towell, Bob Sill and volleyball savant Aschaelle Terrio, former Wolves soccer stars Evan Densmore and Erin Durkee on the Katie Bell, and in a dual ceremony in the lovely intervale at the end of Crystal Lake drive, Greg Sutherland wed Joan Adey, and his sister Jane said ‘I do’ to Dale Oderkirk. Alexander MacKenney (Rod, Wanda) of Shortts Lake married Courtney Lynds. Joanne Cooke’s nephew, Mike Crowell married Sharon MacPhee’s grand-daughter Danielle Crowe. Earlier, Jim and Donalda Dickey’s son, Angus married Morgan Selig. Rick Dartt and Chanda Deyarmond had a girl, a sister for Riley. Joseph and Emily (Works) Burke welcomed new daughter Josie. Scott and Lisa George had baby Sophie in Penticton; happy grandparents are Tony and Rhonda. Grandchildren are piling up at Don and Marg Fisher’s, much to their delight – daughter Jenna and hubby Brent MacDonald had a son. The charming Katelyn Stewart (Brian, Tammy) and hubby Kenton McNutt also have a baby boy, William.
Don Harvey was voted winner of the 2016-17 Al Campbell Memorial Award for outstanding service to the BMC- Harv is the leader of the BBQ team, and fills important roles at Creelman Park, is the BCA rep, Halloween patroller, and readily serves where needed. Robert Putnam was named winner of the Randy Roop Memorial Award, presented by the BAA for his outstanding athletic career, spanning multiple sports, and his tireless efforts on behalf of both the BMC and BAA (Treasurer of both) , Big Game Hunt (Co-Chair), Sportsplex Board, and the Eagle’s Flight II book would never have been grounded without his unstinting effort. Congratulations to Darrell and Gail Wright on their 50th wedding anniversary, and in Ontario, former residents Peggy and Fred Rutherford marked 70 years – Fred is a brother to former Elks outfielder Don, and half-brother to Bill and Jerry Stewart. Barb McNutt of Carter Rd. marked her 80th birthday at the Seniors Lounge.
Duane, Lorna, and Morgan Rath, Jake Bowers, and Charlie, Kathy, and Camden Weatherbee went to see a Red Sox game, then into New York. Joel and Kim Dawe saw two Jays game at the SkyDome. Alton Sutherland visited Nicole and Jeff Graham and family in Alberta. Phil and Kitty McMullin went to Newfoundland, as did Greg Sutherland and Joan Adey and Davey and Janice Peterson. Rod and Lori Nielsen bicycled through much of Denmark, then visited Iceland. Terry Canning and Krista McMullin and family did the entire United Kingdom, capped off visiting Jennet (Harvey) Molloy and family in Belfast and Terry and Krista finished their trip in Iceland. Gord and Myrna Matheson and family visited Scotland, Ireland, and England. Dave and Anitra Whidden went to Florida, as did Josh and Denise Boulton. The Kennedy crew – Larry, Lynne, Jill, Mark, and Laura and kids visited Peter, Katie, and Abe in Minnesota.  Lexie and Kristin Stewart cheered on Patrick and the Mastodons in Saskatoon. The Al-Awars visited family in Syria. Mario Baini and family traveled to Lebanon, and Alison Read went to Meghan’s crib in Calgary, while Becky Wallace visited sis Katrina in Fort Mac and Meghan, as well as time in Banff. Debbie Ross tested the new Elite Airways route from Halifax to Portland, then skipped up the I – 95 to Auburn to visit her daughter, Amanda. Sisters/sisters-in -law Edna Graham, Letha Mowatt, Judy and Donna Matheson represented our local United Church Women at the 55th National UCW Conference in Vancouver. Many of the parents attended the Canada Games in Winnipeg (Bowers, Sears, Rhoddys, Crowells, Giffens, Lanceleves, Anthonys).
Lots of excitement in the golf world…..many more details in our October edition, but for now we can cite those who were able to write a “1” on their card – at BGC Clif Kruck and Matthew Gillis both aced # 4; Larry Harrison had his hole-in-one on # 9 during the Homecoming Scramble! In Truro, Jim Dickie aced # 15, while former Elk hurler Steve Healy bagged his on 16 at Anderson’s Creek in PEI. Former Elks outfielder and Right Wing Phil Henderson had his ace on Grandview’s #5; his son Mark holed his at #16 at Country Meadows in Moncton.
The 37th Terry Fox Run is Sunday Sept. 17 at picturesque Carter Falls – registration is 12:30, the run/ walk starts at 1 P.M. The TF committee has already staged a Book and Bake Sale, Supper and Fashion Show, and Golf Day – please participate, or sponsor someone on the 17th to help ensure another successful year! The Sportsplex will host another Food Truck event on Saturday Sept 16, 4-7 PM – the last one sold out, so get there early. There will also be BBQ ribs courtesy of Lafarge and Superstore, proceeds from those to the Sportsplex. The 81st year of the Brookfield Elks Sports Draw/Big Game Hunt is underway – tickets still only $10 for a chance at 5 Grand Prizes, including the 2017 Jeep Wrangler and $5000 worth of groceries at Superstore. See (www.brookfieldathleticassociation.ca – click Sports Draw link.) for details. On Friday September 22, the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride will stop in Brookfield. Approximately 40 cyclists are expected, and a variety of community groups will roll out the Welkcome mat at noon hour, feed the hungry group, and show them our famous hospitality. If you wish to help, contact any Train Station, AATC Seniors, BMC, BCA, or church member. The annual Pancake Breakfast and Giant Yard Sale will be held Saturday Sept 23, 7AM-1 PM at Knox Church. Donations are welcomed-contact Art Peck @ 673-2561. Arrive early for a tasty breakfast and the great deals! All Around the Circle Seniors Club resumes their noon luncheons at the Sportsplex on Sept 19. For more details on Card parties, drop-in days, etc.- eMAIL or check the group’s FaceBook page. The Brookfield Curling Club begins their 42nd season with an Open House week October 23-29 – please drop in and give it a whirl – we need you! There will be a Hallowe’en Dance on October 28 at the Curling Club-tickets only $10, available at Roop’s Esso. Watch for the popular BAA NHL Hockey Pools to start on October 9 (for games of Oct 13-15) – only $2 to play! The Elks are gearing up for the NS Junior B Hockey League season. Games start at the Sportsplex in early October, and go most every Thursday night – your support is appreciated. Paul Barrett’s New Horizons Band starts another season, Thursday, September 14 at the Colchester Legion Stadium – newcomers start at 3 P.M. Email for more information.
Hope to see you at the BMC gathering on September 18; 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. 
The Eagle
Check our website for more community activities: http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca

May 2017
Volume 28, Issue 9

The Brookfield Mens Club (BMC) annual Ladies Night extravaganza superseded the typical monthly BMC meeting in April. Approximately 100 guests enjoyed Head Chef Peter Matheson’s terrific roast beef dinner. President Donald “Pibb” Henderson welcomed all, dispensed with the business meeting, and turned the night over to the Program Committee. The Ladies team (Letha Mowatt, Jocelyn Langille, Brenda Henderson, and Jodie Matheson) were judged by celebrity panelists Frank Locke and Daisy Hingley to have soundly thrashed the BMC team of Don Hamilton, Austin Ross, Bob Lawrence, Terry Henderson, Don Harvey, and Larry Harrison in performing the “Chester From the Army” skit. John Matheson made the Door Prize draws into a real technological production, keeping the ladies on the edges of their seats, before announcing the six winners. The Red Tide performed a collection of 50 + year old Beatles tunes (can it really be that long ago!?) – Yellow Submarine, Octopus’ Garden, and the oh-so-apt trio of When I’m 64, Eight Days a Week, and Get By With a Little Help From My Friends! The BMC are indebted to their musical director, Joanne Hatfield, her band (Jacob Smith, Anna Hamilton, and Kyle Henderson), and to Rod Nielsen for sound system, all who combined to make the Tide sound passable (?)

    The evening was highlighted by the presentation of the Eagle Award, which annually recognizes a person(s) who has made outstanding contributions to our community. Art Peck did a masterful job in highlighting 2017 winner Russell Bradley’s efforts, including, but not limited to, his tireless efforts at Knox United (Nox Nook, Past Chair of Council, current chair of the Official Board of the Pastoral Charge, his unending dinner provisioning, be it for the Heart to Home program, special fundraisers, etc), his work as Chairman of the Train Station Society, including the Fish-a-Rama, card parties, and even more dinners, and his generous hosting of Coming Home to Brookfield activities, especially the Shortt’s Lake Boat Tours! Thank you Russell, on behalf of the community, and thanks to all who submitted nominations – once again the committee had several worthy candidates – a testament to the volunteer spirit that thrives!
    The May meeting of the BMC will be Monday, May 15, 7:30 PM at the Fire Station. This is the final meeting of the BMC’s 80th season, plans will be made for summertime activities. The featured speaker will be Tracey MacKenzie of Dalhousie Agricultural Campus – he will discuss his ground-breaking work in the field of growing food in non-traditional, limited space environments for a sustainable future that has seen him lead initiatives to China! As usual, we welcome community members to attend, and enjoy the fellowship!

The passing of Fidel Castro has certainly not deterred our citizens from visiting the Caribbean nation – among those there were Ardith Ross (again!), Julie Walters, Patti Densmore, Sherri Crowell, Jacquie Elliot, Barb Murphy and Aline Greene, Kathy and Luke Patton. Vince, Kendra, Regan, and Nicole Arseneau, Dan and Kathy Dean, Keiver and Bev Read, and Bill and Della Boyle. Paul Barrett and Lori Nielsen were part of a contingent of New Horizon Band Members who went to Cuba to show off their jazz talents at several Cuban gigs! Paul and Karla Rodd, Charles and Leah Bowers and Bruce and Glenda Isenor vacationed in the Dominican Republic, while Jill Sears went to Florida, as did Chris and Amanda Cornelius and kids and Brian and Gwen Campbell. Susan Carter went to Calgary to see her sons (Rob, James) and families. Jill Kennedy visited Peter, Katie and Abe in Minnesota. Terry Canning found himself at a conference in Arizona. Alan and Lorraine Carter went to Mexico as did Lauren and Dianne Percival; Robert, Kelly, and Alycia Putnam jetted to the 50th state and sampled the good life on Oahu and the Big Island. Brad and Marg (Locke) Little went to Shilo, Manitoba to visit their expectant daughter, Emily and her hubby Joel Goodwin. Marg’s sister Jane Kenrick went to Pembroke, Ontario to visit her daughter Elizabeth and, her husband Dean and the grandchildren. Phil and Kitty McMullin checked out the big icebergs in Twillingate, NF. Robert Matheson, Ken Retson, Lee MacLean and Paul Kenrick travelled to Montreal to watch the Bearcats play. Mike and Brenda Henderson spent a week in Bermuda – Mike notched a hole in one at the famed Port Royal Golf Course, which formerly hosted the PGA Grand Slam of Golf event. Their daughter Caila led the Bedford Blizzard U-18 volleyball team she coaches to the Nationals in Edmonton. Their son Dane went ‘ski-touring’ (where one hikes up the hills with skis on their back, and skis down virgin, unmarked trails/territory) in Gaspesie Park in the Chic-Choc Mountains. He was fortunate to have SCA grad, and back-country skier extraordinaire, Charlie Stephens as guide. Krista McMullin jetted to Vancouver to visit daughter, Joanna, and then took an Alaska Cruise.
A large contingent of SCA students, led by History teacher Gary Renouf, attended (along with ten thousand young Canucks!) the 100th Anniversary celebrations at Vimy Ridge. The moving experience was treasured by locals Melody Sears, Chloe Bowers, Luke Fisher, Lauren Leedham, Riley MacLeod, Camryn Smith, Shane Stoodley, and Colton Cleveland; well-spoken SCA student Arthur Dodsworth was featured in a CBC National TV video, as he shared his reflections – he was very well-spoken.
Congratulations to Alexa Roop (Andrew, Becky), one of Joanne Hatfield’s pupils, she wowed the adjudicators at the Truro Music Festival – her score of 92 not only won her first place honors in her Piano Solo, but was one of the event’s highest marks awarded! BMC Prexy Pibb Henderson was recognized as Colchester Volunteer of the Year at a province-wide ceremony in Halifax, with the award presented by the Lieut. Governor and Premier. Pibb’s volunteer duties hardly ever stop – in addition to the BMC, he plays vital roles for the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex (Chair of Premises Committee), Brookfield Curling and South Colchester  ATV Clubs (Treasurer), Brookfield Athletic Association (Chair of Grounds Committee), as well as the Elks Mixed Bowling League and others! Well done, Pibb – we suspect it was an easy choice for the selectors. The BAA was nominated as a volunteer organization by the Municipality. Colchester County recognized firefighters for long term service – Lawrence Wynn, 65 years with the brigade and Herb MacFarlane and Charlie Burnett both with 51 years!! Andrew and Jack Roop were named winners of the BDC Business Persons of the Year Award acknowledging them for significant success and strong leadership skills by the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce.   The 56th season of the Brookfield Elks Mixed Bowling League crowned new champions – Sheila (Osborne) Rankine, Leroy Deuville, Don Harvey, and Krista Lynds. SCA students mined medals at the Nova Scotia Skills Competition at the NSCC Dartmouth campus. Bryanna Richardson won silver in photography, and the duo of Hunter Redmond and Marika Schenkels won Gold in the Film/ Video category. They will travel to Winnipeg late May for the National competition. The trio was joined by the Prime Minister for a photo. Jewel Woolfitt (Jonathan, Jodie) and Jenna Adams (Rob, Kate) played key roles in the Colchester Tigers provincial basketball Under 14 Tier 2 win, as they edged Pictou County 42-40 in the final! Brent Walters was a stalwart in goal, leading the Canadian Team to a Silver Medal at the 3rd World Deaf Hockey Championship in Buffalo. This likely ensures his spot in the national team for the Deaf Olympics in Italy in 2019. Mother Susan, father Glen and brother GR took in the tourney. Incredibly, seven players from Brookfield Elks/SCA Wolves Fastpitch teams will represent Nova Scotia at the Canada Games in Manitoba in August! The talented heptad are shortstop Rowan Sears (Andrew, Jill), outfielders Coby Crowell (Terry,  Sherri) and Liam Giffen (Rob, Elaine), first-sacker Jacob Bowers (Charles, Leah), pitchers Dylan McCoul (Darren, Lori) and Alex Rhoddy (Derek, Jennifer), and second-sacker Reid Lanceleve (Lou,Marie). This team will be in action a lot this summer as the league, which also includes the Brookfield Intermediate Elks and the U-18 Colchester Royals will play at Elk Park on Thursday evenings. Stop by and enjoy some good ball, and cheer on all the locals playing! The Brookfield Rapids won the NS Under 15 Tier 2 volleyball championship, repeating their U-14 title from last year. The Randy Kelly-coached team (assistant Sarah Wort, and manager Julie Kelly) won the final 2 – 1. Clarissa Paison won tournament MVP, and Hannah Boutilier and Erica Fisher were named to the All-Star team. An SCA contingent contributed to the U-18 provincial volleyball title won by the Tide Team – head coach Rob Adams, players included his son Michael, Niklas Roker and John Kaye (of Whidden Road) The Volleybrawlers won the Brookfield Mixed Volleyball League title – they were lead by the mother-son team of Sue Miller (Cy, Emmy) and Jason Smith; as well as Stephanie Prest. The league raises funds for the Susan Glinz Memorial Bursary awarded annually at SCA.
Kudos to Debbie and John Matheson for organizing and operating a massive Easter Egg Hunt, which drew over 90 family and friends; the chocolate was spread over at least five properties, and the hunt, games and food that followed brought huge smiles to the crowd. Phase 1 of the eye-catching new playground at Brookfield Elementary School is complete; well done by the Playground Committee that has worked long and hard to make it happen! South Colchester Minor Hockey Assoc. presented Ernie McNea with the Phil Sears Volunteer of the Year Award and Jeff Sullivan with the Ron Moore Coach of the Year Award.
Congratulations to Heidi Cooke and Tyler Medaglia on the birth of their third child, a daughter, Poppy! Dave and Anitra Whidden’s daughter, Stephanie married Tracey Crowell; they will reside in Italy. Julie and Kate Hsu (Vancouver) surprised her parents Mary and Terry Henderson for a nice visit.
The village will soon be more beautiful, thanks to the efforts of the Brookfield Garden Club. They planted 250 tulip bulbs in the planter at the northeast quadrant at “the corner”; and also set out 150 red and white tulips at the east end of Ed Creelman Park to help mark the Canada 150 celebrations! Thank you!
We are most pleased with response to our request in the April Eagle and on social media sites for pre-booking of “The Eagles Flight 2 ” (only a working name at this point for the BMC’s Canada 150 plan to produce all the Eagles since the first book – 1982 onward–!).  To date 25 have requested copies, and several others have said they intend to purchase. Please order your copies from Putty at EMAIL or Susan at Email, or via the FaceBook or community website . We must have at least 50 copies ordered to make production possible. Cost is likely to be $25 per book. Depending on when we can green light this BMC 80th/Canada 150th anniversary project, the volumes may be available for our July celebrations; worse case September! Please contact us ASAP, so we know how many to produce.
Sadly, the larger Elks family lost some key members. Alan “Moose” Campbell, 67, a long-time performer for both hockey and fastpitch Elks teams, as well as award-winning cattle breeder, passed away. Moose was the leftfielder on the Canadian Championship 1980 team. Ethel Marchant died in Truro – she was loving wife to former NSAC Athletic Director Ken Marchant, who was a starry winger for the Elks provincial title hockey teams in the 1965-69 era. Susie Smith died , much too young at 46 – she was a popular volunteer in the community, serving on the Brookfield Community Assembly, and heading the Community Clean-Up day, as well as a long time member of the Junior Hockey Elks game day crew – she will be sorely missed. Mary Worsley died in Truro – she was Mum to Elks gold medalist 1B-man Mike, Donnie Jr., John and Pat. Irene McNea died in Stewiacke – her son Ernie is an Assistant Coach with the Junior Elks, son Scot lives here, and her grandchildren Mackenzie, Will, and Evan have been heavily involved in hockey, softball, and Air Cadets. Shortt’s Lake resident Donnie Fields died as did Richard O’Donnell, and Ruth Campbell’s mother, Mabel MacKenzie of Stewiacke East. We express condolences on behalf of the community.
The Women That Hunt staged another remarkable Youth Expo at the Sportsplex. Exhibitors filled the ice sheds of both rinks, and there were also several displays on the ball field! The crowds were immense – all ages, both genders, and the exhibitors all contributed marvelous door prizes. Attendance was 3400, all of whom enjoyed the opportunity to learn of a wide variety of activities related to the outdoors, community programs, art, fitness, technology, nutrition, and better health and wellness. Great job, ladies, and much thanks to the community for great support, and the Brookfield Fire Services for solving the parking/traffic riddle!
Good to see Gordie and Jackie Burnett back from the Sunshine State – Jackie injured her back in a fall – we hope she is better soon. Club-Man Larry Archibald had a heart attack; happily he is recovering well. Dawn Carter-Henderson is now gall bladder-free. Stena Cook went to Alberta to give son Terry some TLC – he suffered a broken ankle while refereeing hockey.
The 21st edition of Coming Home to Brookfield will kick off with the Parade on July 22 (contact Angie at 673-3166 or ang.d.reid@gmail.com if you wish to make an entry), and run until July 30. The theme is Our Home is Your Home, and as usual, there will be 9 jam-packed days of activities. The Whing Ding is set for July 28-29; watch for the CHB brochure in early July for a complete list of activities. For now we can tell you about Pie Eating Contest, Domino Man, Car & ATV rallies, Movie Night, Historic Talk, Farmers’ Market, Petting Farm, Sing-Song Bonfire, Golf Scramble, Kids Sports Day, Waterslides, Kids & Fun Run, Herbie’s Music Night, Outdoor Church Services and more.
The Train Station Society and BMC are planning grand contests to help celebrate Canada 150. There will be a gala on July 1 at Ed Creelman Park, with lots of activities. All citizens are invited to show their talents through Art, Music, Poetry and Stories – please submit your original works by June 1st. Entries may be displayed on Canada day and/or during Home Coming. A Canada-themed Scavenger Hunt will take place throughout the community on June 17, 12 noon. 150 historical and fun facts will be hidden for all ages to find before July 1; a loonie for each clue you find, while learning some interesting Canadian history. The Train Station will also host the Fish-a-Rama the morning of Saturday May 27 at the Wetlands Trails. Registration is on site-adults must possess a valid fishing license; starts at 7:30, $5/person or $10/family. Food and drink available! The BMC will operate barbeques at the Fish-a-Rama, Canada Day and the Home Coming Parade.
The BCA will be holding their Community Clean Up Day on May 13; volunteers will have all materials (bags, gloves, vests as needed, etc) provided, as well as food and drink. Meet at the United Church by 9 AM; 3-4 hours is all that is needed if we have sufficient help! The BMC will be focusing on their Adopt-a- Highway semi-annual clean-up at the same time; they will do Carter and Whidden Roads, so the territory has expanded, thus the need for more hands!
The 569 Col. G. N. Henderson Air Cadet Squadron will hold their Annual Ceremonial Review and Inspection on Saturday May 27 at the Sportsplex at 1 PM. This event welcomes all spectators; come and see these impressive young men and women drill, and display their work – it is a real eye-opener, and the BMC is proud to continue their association as sponsor of the squadron, which dates from 1953! The BAA is requesting nominations on or before June 15 for the Randy Roop Memorial Award, presented annually during the Whing Ding to a person who has made a remarkable contribution(s) to sport and recreation here. Contact Terry (673-2106) or Mike (673-2769).
The Brookfield Curling Club will host their annual Meeting at the Sportsplex on Wednesday May 31, 7:30 PM – all are welcome. The Sportsplex Chase the Ace pot is approaching $8000 – play every Thursday at the BCC for as little as a loonie. Draw done at 8:30 pm. On Saturday June 17 from 4-8 PM the Sportsplex parking lot will host a Food Truck Party – multiple offerings will be available, a cash bar on site for beverages. Bring Dad for some great Father’s Day grub! The final furlong of the academic year is nigh; SCA graduation will be June 29, the Prom is June 16, and the Athletic Awards night is set for June 8. The SCA Arts Night which will feature music, dance, fine art, and the Drum Runners will be June 7 – art viewing from 6 PM on, show starts at 6:30.
The Brookfield Golf Club season is underway – some dates to note – the 28th annual Elks Scramble is a low cost, high fun event in support of the BAA; it is slated for Saturday July 8, and welcomes all , 7:30 – 1 PM. Call 673-3352 to register. The Club Championships are Aug. 5-6, and the Shaw Cup is Aug. 26-27. A new event this year is the Women That Hunt-operated tourney on May 27, in support of the Canadian Soldier-On program. Go to Golf@womenthathunt.com for more details. Watch scmha.goalline.ca for information regarding online registration for South Colchester Minor Hockey’s 43rd season – sign-up begins August 1.
A provincial election has been called for May 30. Candidates in our Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley riding are: Larry Harrison, Janet Moulton and Matthew Rushton. Candidates for premier are Jamie Baillie, Gary Burrill and Stephen McNeil. Please exercise your democratic franchise and vote!
Paul Barrett’s New Horizons Band will host their Spring concert at the Best Western Glengarry on Wed. May 17, 7:30 PM – several Brookfielders are members. On June 4 at 7 pm an outstanding trio of guitarists – Amy Brandon, Craig Visser and Emily Shaw will stage a concert at Knox. $15 for adults, $5 for students. The Good Time Fiddlers will play at an Open House at the Senior’s Lounge at the Sportsplex on Fri. May 26, 7-8 PM-all welcome. The All Around the Circle Seniors luncheon will be Tues. May 16; doors open at 11:30, meal at 12. Mondays from 1-4 are Drop-In Day there – enjoy Wii activities, puzzles, etc for mental and physical exercise!
The Terry Fox Committee will have their Spring Fashion Show and Supper on May 27 – watch for details on posters; on June 10 their annual Book & Bake Sale goes at Knox Hall. The Brookfield Rural High School Class of 57 will hold their 60th reunion on June 17 with a gathering to welcome old friends: 2 – 4 PM at the Baptist Church Auditorium. Contact Beverly (Graham) Sears (673-2112) for info.
    Rhubarb Tea and Plant sale at Knox United Church on June 3 Saturday morning.

        See you at the BMC on May 15; and may all our readers have a great summer!
Be sure to let us know if you wish to order the book! 


         The Eagle

April 2017
Volume 28, Issue 8

Spring is here!! (???) – or at least it will be! And that means one thing for sure – Ladies’ Night at the Brookfield Mens Club!! ALL women of the community and area are invited as the guests of the BMC to a dinner, some fun, entertainment, door prizes, the presentation of the prestigious Eagle Award, and a peek at what these knuckleheads do! Mark it down – we don’t want you telling us “I forgot” – the date is Monday April 17, time is 6:30, place is Knox Hall. Bring an appetite, a friend, and a cheerful spirit!
The March BMC meeting was highlighted by a presentation by Andrew Sears on the trip he and daughter Rachel, brother Luther, niece Sarah, and sister Hilary Paquet made to the Dominican Republic to construct a pair of homes under the auspices of Habitat for Humanity. (We apologize for the incomplete listing of attendees in the March Eagle.) His talk and slides were very inspiring; much credit to the selfless Sears family for giving of their time and effort to make it possible for some to actually own their home, something that seemed unattainable. Well done gang! It was nice to see Jim and Marlene Feener’s daughter Adinda Kunder home for a visit from Ontario – Adinda had her three lovely daughters, Arianna, Cheyenne, and Brianna with her. Kelly Hazelton was home from the Oshawa area to visit her mother, Edith Watson. We send along Get Well wishes to Susie Smith; she is recovering in hospital, and grateful for those who visit her in hospital. From Indiana comes the exciting news of a son, Christopher Lance, born to B J and Kera Sutherland in Indiana! Grandparents Pete and Vicki Sutherland headed to the Midwest state soon afterwards! Speaking of golfers having sons, in the Ottawa area, Jonathan and Carrie MacKenzie also have a new baby boy, Caleb! Kim and Donna MacKenzie are the proud grand-parents; Bessie MacKay and Grace MacKenzie are the great-grandmothers. Sherry and Brian Stewart traveled to Red Deer, Alberta to see their first grand-son, born to her son Devin. Brookfield Elementary School teacher and Brookfield Golf Club member Kurtis Porter whisked Krista away to Cuba for their wedding. Desha Ellis and Rob Wells (not “Ricky”!) have purchased and moved into the former Mailman home on Bell Road. Congratulations to all as they enter new stages of their lives together!
Rollie Stevens, a native of Forest Glen, and goaltender for several teams, including the Brookfield Elks, passed away in Truro. Marie Leonard of Brentwood died – she was mother to Janie Greene. Ralph Graham of Upper Stewiacke died – his wife Phyllis and daughter Shelley reside here. In Giant’s Lake, Mary “Annabelle” Kennedy passed away – she was mother to former Brookfield Curling Club member John Kennedy (his spouse is the former Judy Maguire). Reta Langille died in Onslow – she was a sister to the late Merle Putnam, the Elks’ first Senior level pitching star. Former Hamilton Ave. resident and one-time Elks first-sacker, Bob Storr died in New Brunswick. We extend condolences to those who lost loved ones.

The Brookfield Curling Club wrapped up its 41st season – seems incredible that “the roaring game” has been part of a community’s fabric for that long! At their Awards Banquet, league championship teams were honored: Monday – Leroy Burns, Troy Taylor, Andrew Webb, and Donald White;Tuesday – Andrew and Jill Sears, Mike and Kyle Henderson;Thursday – Kirby Densmore, Paul Kean, Glenn Ferguson, and Terry Henderson. The 28th Annual Great Community Curling Classic drew 32 teams to the BCC – champions were: Brookfield Athletic Association Division – Jessi Taggart, Steve Murray, Herb and Josh McCallum;Tim Isenor Royal Lepage Divison – Jeremy Veinotte, Kris Terrio, Matt Dickinson, Nathan Toner;Jeff Miller Auto Parts Division – Laurie Cochrane, Clary White, Tom Van Oirschot, Gary Doyle; and the Open Division – Andrew Sears, Nevin Jackson, Gord Forshner, and Vince Jack (with help from subs Jill Sears and Becky Shearer!). Lisa Henderson was named winner of the Turk Henderson Memorial Award for long-term, meritorious service to the GCC Classic. Layton Rutherford and Doug Cox shared the newly-minted Sherill Burns Award for dedicated support to their family curling members. The Junior program named Carter Redmond as winner of the Josh Melvin award for dedication and most promise and Alexa Roop as recipient of the Rupe and Mary Fisher Award for showing love of the game. Annie Archibald was delighted to win the BCC’s draw for an authentic Sidney Crosby #87 Penguins’ sweater – “my favourite” per Annie. The BCC thanks all who volunteered their time and energy to help make the season a success – we would love for more of our neighbours to join us come October. A big thank you to Barb and Roger Ryan for sending a heaping helping of bird seed to the Eagle…it took a circuitous route from whence it was mailed in Fort Lauderdale – evidently the USPS is not the equal of Canada Post, as they sent the letter to Broomfield, Colorado, before it ended up here. Who knew the Florida – based post office would not recognize “Brookfield, N.S. B0N 1C0” as a valid address?!? The Brookfield Bantam Elks thrilled a large crowd at the Sportsplex, edging the Glace Bay Miners 2-1 in a sudden-death Northern Conference final. This advanced them to the provincial championship against Shelburne in Bridgewater, where they lost, but finished second in the province. The Elks have locals Matt Murphy, Ethan Densmore, Evan McNea, Will Richards, Will Dingle, and the MacMillan twins, Jonathan and Eric as key contributors, as well as a solid goaler in Connor Rushton. Ed MacMillan is an assistant coach. Sarah Matheson (Win, Ruth) came back from the North American Country Music International competition in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains) with two awards! She was named winner in both Adult Vocalist, and Best Entertainer (New Country) in the International Adult Division winner. She was bolstered by guitar whiz Tim Ross, who accompanied her (as did Tim’s wife, Lorraine). Taylor Clarke (David, Carla) was voted the Laura Lee Kearns Visionary Award by her classmates in St. Francis Xavier’s B. Ed program. Congratulations Sarah and Taylor! Also at X, Jessica Miller (Melanie, Steve), grand-daughter to Harry and Letha Mowatt, was named the basketball’s team rookie of the year. Mexico’s warm climes attracted Dave and Janice Peterson, Richard and Ellen Sutherland, Alton and Lorna Sutherland, and Greg Sutherland and Joan Adey. Krista Williams and Jim Pearson spent their vacation in Jamaica. Sisters Lynda Deyarmond and Kathy Graham went to the tropical paradise of Hawaii where they met Lynda’s daughter, Miranda, while Jean Mercier traveled further west to get to the Far East (Japan)! The Dominican Republic was the holiday spot of choice for Dan and Lexie Stewart, while Josh Archibald and Dr. Karla Armsworthy jetted to Portugal. Cuba’s warm sands lured Lee Nelson and Ashley Charette, as well as Kim and Macey MacBurnie, and Ardith Ross. Maureen Foster strayed from the resorts to explore the back country of Cuba, much of it with an innovative taxi driver who repaired a punctured tire with condoms! Darrell and Gail Wright, Daisy Hingley and Myrna Clarke went to Florida; Patty Stewart and Rob Smith went to Nashville. The families of Johnathan Woolfitt and Charlie Weatherbee tackled the alpine trails at beautiful Mt Tremblant while the Kierstead family checked out the hills at Mont Sainte Anne. The BMC is considering publishing a second edition of “The Eagle’s Flight” – many of the Eagle’s readers enjoyed the compendium put together after the original “Eagle’s” (D B Henderson) passing in 1977 – that book gathered Eagles from the first 40+ years of the BMC. Nearly four decades have passed, so the combination of the BMC’s 80th Anniversary, and the Canada 150 celebrations, make it ideal to compile a second edition of the BMC – and more to the point, to encapsulate the village and area’s history in one tome. BUT – we need your help on a couple of fronts. Some issues have gone astray in the past forty years – we have heard that some of our loyal readers save their copies – if you could loan them for us to have reproduced we would be most grateful. The period from 1982-1991 has a few missing issues. Obviously for the project to proceed, we need to have most copies available, so please contact Robert Putnum at EMAIL or any of the following: Nancy (phone), Susan (email) or Mike (phone, EMAIL) if you can assist – it will be most appreciated! The second thing we need to gauge is the level of interest – this is NOT a fund-raising effort, and we plan on selling the book at close to cost, but the BMC’s limited bank account means we cannot afford to estimate how many to produce, and then not sell them. So, to be clear – a commitment is NOT needed right now, but if you know you want to purchase one or more (they make great Christmas gifts!), please contact one of the above – ideally we would have your responses by the first of May, as a ‘go-or-no’ decision will be made at the May BMC meeting. Responses can also be made at https://bmceagle.wordpress.com/ OR on facebook at the Village of Brookfield, OR at http://www.brookfieldnovascotia.ca The minimum that we can order is 50 copies; we hope to sell them for $25/copy – that number may get lower if we get an enthusiastic response! Thanks in advance – for anyone who has copies we may need, and for those who make their intentions to purchase known soon! On April 22, from 9 AM – 4PM, at the Sportsplex, the Women That Hunt are hosting their 2nd Annual Mega Youth Expo. This was a raging success last year, drawing over 570 adults, 1100 youth, and 56 exhibitors. The goal is to expose youth of ALL ages to new activities related to the outdoors, fitness, art, community programs, nutrition and overall better health and wellness. This year’s plans will see exhibitors with terrific displays in both the hockey and the curling rinks, and also in the parking lot. Every exhibitor provides Door Prizes, and admission is only $5 (free for kids!). Be there, or be square! The Lower Pleasant Valley Cemetery Committees annual meeting will be held April 23rd at the Brookfield Fire Hall between the hours of 1 – 3. This is a very small group of local volunteers, most who have a vested interest in the continued care of this cemetery which according to local historian Pauline Carter was first founded around 1879. The LPVC was founded in 1999 with the aim to maintain the cemetery, expand and improve it while working towards having it become a perpetual care cemetery. All of this requires volunteers and ideas on how to raise funds and thus this meeting is open to anyone who likes to get involved a few hours a month during the summer to help with the maintenance and who might have ideas on how to create more funds. As well if there are persons who might be interested in investing in this cemetery there is lots of room for that as well. All are welcome.

The Brookfield Community Assembly Annual General Meeting will be Monday April 24 at the Fire Station – the public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Watch for the BCA’s announcement on the date of the Community Clean-up Day, likely in the early part of May. Bob and Jean Lawrence and Austin and Debbie Ross attended a meeting in Joggins to gather information about the Adopt-A- Highway Program. The BMC have “adopted” Carter and Whidden Roads and will soon approve plans for the spring clean-up, which would ordinarily be coordinated by the BCA Community Clean-Up Day – watch for more info on the date on the community website, facebook page, etc, or contact Terry Henderson (phone). If you are able to lend a hand, it will be much appreciated. The Brookfield Railway Station and Heritage Society will again be hosting a Fish-a-Rama at the Wetlands Trails on the morning of May 27 – more info will be provided in the May Eagle. For any not-for-profit groups who provide food services at their events, Food Handlers Certification courses will be held at the REC Centre in Truro on April 19, May16, and June 13. These are well worth having your volunteers attend; more info can be obtained by contacting the RECC.
The All Around the Circle Seniors Luncheon will be on April 18th, meal at noon, meeting and entertainment to follow. The AAtC hosts 45’s and Cribbage at the Senior Citizens room at DHM Sportsplex Wednesday Evenings. Everyone welcome. They also host their Drop in/Drop off 1-4 on Monday’s. If you want to come and have some fun, drop in for some games or just chatting. For a change of time contact Flora at phone or Jocelyn phone or check us out on Facebook All Around the Circle Seniors Group.

We hope all have happy and peaceful Easter observations–the holiest time in the Christian world’s year.
We hope to see lots of you at Ladies Night, April 17, 6:30 PM!

The Eagle